Sunday, 3 March 2013

Golden Queens, Crafting Queens & Archie

We have stepped across the invisible threshold of late summer and into autumn,
 signaled by the bringing home of wrinkled passionfruit & plumply delicious golden queen peaches.
Our land is parched & our gardens desperate for moisture of any sort. The woodland anemones have been tagged by the naked ladies.. 
 and the short round of autumn fairs began on saturday out at St Luke's. 
I could hear a little voice over in the corner behind the counter somewhere & when at last I found the source...there was Archie all fur loved off & real. He had a wonderful time wandering around with me & seeing all the people...oh the conversations he had! 
We've gently removed the Wiggles plaster off his leg.
 No quick yanking here.
 My lovely thermos basket was just $2 & the wonderful tussy mussy is full of tweedia & other summer treasures from someone's garden.
 Oh yes! and my eidy I came across at St Vinny's earlier in the week.
Just no way, no way at all that I could leave it there!
Sitting quite near Archie was this darling book 
"The Fairy That Wouldn't Fly" told & pictured by Pixie O'Harris.
Isn't that just delightful...imagine being called Pixie O'Harris!
Rather reminds me of one Hettie Brown (seamstress, forager, wooly sock wearer)
It was printed in 1945 in Australia.
 A rummage in the bottom of a box produced these buttons for 50c & some short pieces of filet crochet...useful for bag making. The little fairy brooch is for Nina of course.
Great timing...just across the road was a monthly Craft & Design market that dear Keriann had mentioned would be on. Here she is at her Sweet Mary stall you can read a little about here here & see more of here lovely hand made crafts.
Just along a little further we were so delighted to find two like-minded vintage blanket lovers.
Two lovely girls who have moved to the Bay quite recently & who spend every spare minute crafting. What enamored us both instantly, was the amazing range of truly fabulous, up-cycled vintage blankets; blanket stitched, crochet edged, patch-worked with great skill, embellished with hearts, stars & flowers & each one backed with a complementary vintage sheet or other thrifted fabric.
 Talk about creative dedication! 
 The girls are happy to make a commissioned blanket to suit. (We are having a big think about that & an even bigger rummage through the cupboards for materials!)
 Aren't these so can also find them here.
 We loved what Fleur was doing over here in this corner with her Little Golden Book Bunting made from old books & New Zealand maps/atlases. 
 We hopped back in the window on Thursday & had a change around & added some cupcakes on one of our cake stands & other vintage things that we have for hire. Such a lovely old building..used to be a department store, back in the day, called Roaches.
  No enquiries as yet, well, other than a lady from Hamilton wanting to know where she could find a tea cosy like the one in the window...time yet & it's great exposure 24/7 for a whole month.
 We even had a musical accompaniment while we fluffed.
 Walking in our park (just around the corner) & through the Chinese Garden we knew it must be almost International Cultures Day..
 when we saw these glorious lanterns had been put up once more.
 We were busy selling fruit yesterday afternoon, but I snuck around the corner for a quick look..
aren't they adorable..all stuck out in the middle of nowhere together!
 I nearly burst out laughing when I saw this sign..but good on them. A Chinese food stall they were selling fruit only: melons, apples & huge nashi pears.
 I loved this scene with all the different cultures & the classic Kiwi retro caravan in the background.
 Looking across the park I saw this gorgeous creature emerge from the flower bed.

In the evenings the lights are so magical & open to the public for the week until 10 o'clock at night.
 They had enchanting music playing too.
I noticed this beautiful feather resting on the maple tree this morning.
I wonder who dropped it & does she miss it?
And this afternoon a boy burst on to my porch while I was taking pictures of plump peaches.
He is extraordinarily fit & about to run in the 47km Triple Peaks Challenge this Saturday. He reckons he'll do it in under 5 hours. All we have to do is turn up with fruit, water, camera & car at the other end!!

Thanks so much for visiting.
Hope yours is a peachy sort of week!!



  1. Love your basket of treasure-i wiuld have pounced on them too-especially the bear-and i have the double of that eiderdown (it machine washes and dries beautifully) luckily as it is clauds 'snuggly'. Its only tonight i've realised the season is changing-dark by 8 and first log fire in months-quiet bliss with my wee babe snuggled ip close. Have a gorgeous week x

    1. Quiet bliss is right! How wonderful all tucked in together with a brand new fresh baby. It'll be such a lovely autumn of cuddling & getting to know Findlay with the temperatures beginning to drop a little.
      I loved the picture today of the two of them together.
      Thanks for that tip...perhaps I will try the washing machine in the eiderdown department. Last time I did that it didn't work out too well ; 0 Have a wonderful week x0x0x

  2. Oh that bear is adorable, he looks quite like my brothers old teddy bear. The eiderdown is beautiful too. Lovely finds.
    Anne xx

    1. Hello Anne..yes I suspect the bear has a little age on him...he has certainly been thoroughly loved. I am hoping all those feathers won't mind too much if I give the eiderdown a gentle wash. At least there's no chance presently of it getting rained on while on the washing line! Loved your happy pics today : ) Much love Catherine x0x0x

  3. I love that "eidy" as you call it! It looks so cozy!
    What a wonderful day you had and thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. Aren't eiderdowns so comforting & snuggly. "Eidy" is borrowed from Sophie (Fading Grace) & she lives in England..a land that has grand eidy traditions. I guess you could do to have an extra one just now with all that snow! x0x0x

  4. I love seeing the fair pics - I'd like to see some close ups of the things in your booth. I'd be browsing through & seeing everything for myself if it weren't so far away.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Jenny..shame you live so far away. I shall have to take some more pictures next time we're in town. We don't seem to have too many enquiries just yet but we have been able to loan some our lovely things to friends so that's enough for now. Have a lovely week x0x0x0x

  5. Thanks for the mention and links - K

  6. Hello Catherine, what a great fair - I certainly wouldve enjoyed looking around that :-)
    Regards the eidy ... I have one identical & I googled cleaning them & it said it was okay to put in washing machine on delicate - then line dry - they will go clumpy with the feathers but when they are dry put in your drier with either a tennis ball or a sneaker!! (it said) & dry on cool air & this will fluff out the clumps. I tried this (with baited breath) & it actually did work well :-)
    Also loving your teddy ... another story ... a man came to me for a "bear repair" - it looked JUST like your Archie does, had been his childhood bear & got dropped on the floor of the shearing shed when he was young & lost all his fur. Could I please put some fur back on him again???!!! Make him look like new. I waited for him to tell me he was kidding ... he wasnt!! So I explained that if I "re-furred" him, he would look completely different as would be an entirely new bear.
    Sorry for long comment, have a great week, no rain here yet, very dry/crisp/brown. Enjoy those peaches, love Julie Xox

    1. Sorry...been slow with this reply. I'm so glad that you have a twin eidy (Sophie word) I had a bit of an unfortunate experience with an eiderdown trying to remove feathers to use the fabric..yuk never again! I see one wee tear in this one so best mend it before washing. Mmm gave my dryer away, so might just have to flap it about. So do tell me did you refur the bare bear? Funny request eh. One thing slightly puzzles did dropping him on the shearing shed floor cause his fur to fall off...did someone shear him by accident? Much love my friend Catherine x0x0x


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