Saturday, 8 March 2014

Gently Down the Stream

 the very best thing to do
 is take the road all the way to the river.
Especially in the heat of a fig ripening summer's day;
just before that unmistakable turn in the season when the sun's warmth no longer reaches in to the shadows & the water becomes chilly instead of soothing...  

A picnic on the river bank with the one you love the most in all the world...
just under the hill called "Sacred",
in the light that makes the world seem like a place of wonder & magic,
and time pauses, breath deepens...
 as all the hustle & anxiety is quieted,
wrinkle smoothed & stroked
floating away in the tranquility
of willow green,
& poplar tall.
The fine shingle & sandy river bottom kind to tender feet
& the water shallow & so gentle you could walk all the way up stream to the bridge, if the fancy took you.
Time dissolves as the sun flirts with the close of day.
These are the moments that we cherish..
for they are but moments..
shiny memories of one summer when life was hard,
 but our hearts returned home, over & over
& our hands kept reaching out to each other in friendship...
& we chose to believe that there would come better days
of hope & grace.
Hope: fragile, intangible.
As soft as breath,
yet as indelible as sunshine yellow..
 become a jar of gathered wishes & prayers.
Home, full.
Hearts warm & tender.
to see goodness...
in our land & our days.


  1. I loved this post and the pictures, what a fabulous place. Betty

  2. Pretty! We're looking at melting snow. The sky is very blue though. I'll email you a picture. Sending love your way, good friend.

  3. Thank you for sharing that special moment. The music is so very right. It made me feel peaceful and at rest.

  4. Oh I was there, that is what your photo's did, they took me there!

  5. I so loved this post, Catherine. Beautiful writing and beautiful photos. Sending you good wishes from the other side of the world :)

  6. Hello Catherine - what a beautiful post & your photos & the light has just captured that beautiful scenery so wonderfully. What a delightful & relaxing place to picnic - it feels like it soothes your troubles away. As autumn comes & summer passes by I hope things improve for you both. I just so much enjoyed your photos today - thank you :-) There is definate autumn in the air here now. Happy week to you x0x

  7. Such lovely photos of the countryside around you. It sounds like you are going into winter.. here we are waiting on Spring.
    Have a wonderful week..with lots of happiness.

  8. Oh Catherine - so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! The music, the words & your beautiful photographs...I could even smell the dandelion blossoms. I love how an image can bring back beautiful smells, sounds or feelings.

    Thank you for the sweet, refreshing break for me this morning. I've been running from daylight to dark all this past week & as a result woke up sick in the middle of the night last night. I'm sipping my teas & resting today - what a treasure to go online & find your sweet gift!

  9. that was a lovely poetic post! First I clicked on the music and then slowly scrolled down, perfect! after a busy morning at school with the noisy classes. Thanks!


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