Saturday, 15 March 2014

Such a Colour-full World...

A week or two ago, before the storm called Lusi (glad they didn't spell it the other way) howled through our land, we found we had to be in Napier early one Friday evening to run a little errand. This strip of Art Deco inspired garden, green lawn & Sound Shell has always seemed welcoming & cheery, so we stopped for a small cider & cheese sort of picnic. The sun was still warm & friendly...
& we found some nice people had organised their friend a birthday surprise. We were pleased too..the music was lovely.
The following day we walked just around the corner from home to our dearly beloved & favourite Cornwall Park where my cousin Sally had organised her 14th International Cultures day. The event is always so colourful & full of life. I was enchanted by the Russian stall in particular this year.

The woman had made beautiful cakes.
Don't you love the tummy in the background of this photo!
And this gorgeous shouty heart. Joy!!
I stopped & got a mandi. The henna smelt very strong for hours but I loved it. My lovely Indian neighbour Sumana told me it was called a mandi. I look forward to seeing her wedding photos as apparently she had mandi painted all over both arms. Golly, she'd had to have been very still for quite some time so as not to smudge the wet henna. I didn't do a very good job of letting mine dry.
People are such great participators & volunteers, there were dozens & dozens of happy, willing folk out in force last Saturday manning the stalls at St Luke's Fair in Havelock North. I love Church fairs...they use affordable currency. I bought bags & bags of very old sheep manure that I'll feed to all the roses in the coming months.
There's a lovely retired Dutch man called Peter, who lives just down the road, who has been selling me his figs. They are magnificent! He has netting over the trees so they get to fully ripen without the birds getting in first. They taste like ambrosia. These ones are called Brown Turkey.
Sumana's little daughter knows where to find the "ballet dancers " in my garden now.
And dear Nina is a happy Fruit Lady assistant. 
We can hardly believe that we've had Lucy almost a year.
Don't quinces smell so wonderful.
Did you have a Nana who made quince jelly?
It's nice to just lie in the sunshine sometimes, isn't it.
We finally recieved a Cath Kidston catalogue in the mail last week, after years of asking.
Rob very soon spotted these chaps & rather took a fancy to them.
We've given Lucy a freshen up..
she does so love flowers.
I think we'll have to plan a little tea party to thank her for being such a wonderful friend.
It would be so nice if you could all come too.

And now she's also "safe as houses".
With much love to you all for a happy week,
Catherine, Rob & Lucy.
Thanks so much for popping in!


  1. Catherine,
    Yes, I can come to your tea party in Lucy :) She looks so bright and cheer-i-o! Hopefully in another month my camper will be out of winter storage. I can hardly wait! Oh, speaking of quince jelly. Have you tried it on a grilled cheese sandwich? Delish!
    Happy trails,

    1. Hello Beth,
      Thanks for your visit.
      I would love you to come to tea in Lucy.
      What a wonderful term cheer-i-o it really makes me smile!
      You must be busting to get your camper out of storage. I would hate having to put Lucy away for the winter.
      We are so fortunate here that our winters are really rather that with the cosy addition of a wee oil heater, tea lights
      & some vintage blankets we can use (that sounds nasty) visit Lucy all year round.
      Yum...quince jelly & grilled cheeses sounds brilliant.
      A little like quince paste & camembert or brie together & a crisp slice of apple : )
      Rob is doing some work on Lucy’s outsides just now..making her better & more whether proof.
      I’m sure there’ll come a day soon enough where we get to take her off for a wee trip again.
      She did go to the testing station for a new warrant last week!
      Have a lovely week.
      Much love
      Catherine x

  2. Lucy is such a perfect Wendy house for lovely YOU! I like the idea of church fairs. We don't have them. Sometimes there will be craft fairs in the fall. I've never tasted a fig. I've only eaten packaged Fig Newtons! Sending love your way, good friend!

  3. I've never had quince, I assume we can get them around her. I'll have to check the farmer's market for them later in the year. We do have turkey figs though!

    Love all the beautiful pictures & sweet thoughts. I especially loved the pic of your little helper standing on the toadstool. :o)

  4. Looks like a wonderful day out, especially the Russian cakes, yum! I have just been absorbed reading your back post about Lucy. What a perfectly perfect place to escape to every day. She is just lovely. Xxx

  5. Sure would be nice to have a tea party in Lucy.......not Lusi.

  6. I love the little dog ornaments you found. Lucy looks so pretty - I'm glad you have her safely clamped. Betty

  7. Hello Catherine, a lovely colourful post to enjoy with my morning coffee. Thank you for taking me "with you" to the festivals & church fairs. I loved your mandi ... do they just wash off?? I must confess i have never tasted figs before ... must do that one day. I loved the picture of little Nina balancing on the little toadstool & wearing her apron, busy concentrating on measuring out the fruit ... just gorgeous!! Hope you have a lovely week dear friend x0x0

    1. Hello my friend..
      The mandi dried quite well after about an hour & then the paint (henna) part began to peel off leaving a lighter coloured stain behind, which in turn lasted around a week. Considering I wash my hands constantly (as you would too) that wasn’t too bad. They can last up to a month otherwise!
      Or on some people & perhaps other body parts!
      Do keep your eyes peeled for a chance to try a fresh fig. If they are really ripe they are so delicious.
      They are actually an inside out flower not a fruit...weird eh.
      There are lots of varieties available. A fig tree would probably grow well at your place : ) Much love Catherine x0x

  8. That is the sweetest little kitchen inside Lucy. How do you use her? Do you write or craft in there perhaps. I loved seeing my toadstool Bushbaby in there, now I know she lives in a happy place!

  9. Lucy is very beautiful, If I stepped inside her I think it may quite take my breath away.I would love to sit inside and share a cup of tea with you. Joyous.You have a lovely picture on your side column of a girl holding Lily of the Valley. Do you have that in your wonderful garden? Dear Nina busy with the fruit. Shirley


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