Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Nature Table & Lost Things

Hello there!
I do hope that you've had a lovely Easter; whether springy or autumnal, chocolatey or Churchy;
or, quiet & filled with grace & work, like ours.
With so many wonderful friends sharing tales & pictures of the goings on in the "upper" hemisphere I have become especially aware of our upside-down-ness down here, this Easter season.
No daffodils, hares, eggs or spring blossom here. Rather, an abundance & excess that is almost embarrassing in it's exuberance, urgency & splendour.
I found myself gathering armfuls of harvest & arranging a kind of "nature table" as a kind of thanks, over the weekend.
I discovered fresh roses in the cherry blossom tree,
a few figs that the wax eyes actually hadn't pecked & the first glowing sweet persimmons from our laden tree.
The little heart tomatoes are still going...
& the sun is now lower in the sky; washing our front verander with welcome late afternoon sunshine.
I had little people coming to visit on Thursday so I made a Jewish oatmeal cake with feijoas & tart dried apricots. We used to make it often when we were young & living in Taranaki, a time when friends would share recipes & you'd all be making the cake. It's still great 30 years later & more like real food than cake...which always works for me! I have just realised that I haven't posted the recipe yet so I will do that very soon.
 It really struck (as I said) this year that bunnies & eggs & all things spring are really rather silly in the middle of our lovely autumn Easter, so inside, I gathered all kinds of meaningful bits & pieces & put together a sacred scene that bought focus & stillness & gratitude to these restful days.
Of course the lily-of-the-valley isn't just seemed nice. The hearts were called "sacred hearts" at the organics shop...for my niece & nephew. Mary is awfully battered & chipped, but the whole ordeal was pretty hard on her at the time, so that kind of fits.
Now, I have been told that this may be St Anthony. I bought him on Trade me last week in support of a Hospice shop. If indeed he is St Anthony then that would make him the Patron Saint of Lost & Broken Things...that's me (thought I) he'll be perfect!

What a funny old thing to crochet, a cross...I love it though. It's very old. I wonder who made it?
Of course, there always has to be a butterfly to remind us of liberating, metamorphosing grace.
Autumn, Easter & menopause...who ever would have thought there was a theme in that!
Transformation. Shedding the old. Completion.

Still, there's something to be said for imagination....& silliness!
A return to innocence & a child-like heart is always a helpful approach on any occasion, in my book.
Wishing you all, sunshine & happiness in the coming week & maybe a little skipping.
Thank you so much for popping in.
Much love Catherine x0x0x


  1. I love nature tables & I love that our seasons are upside-down from each other. You're always the opposite & I love hearing about your opposite seasons.

    I have a little cherub similar to yours except mine doesn't have a bird - I really like yours, I've never seen one like it. I've been making a mossy spring fairy garden for mine. Once it fills in I'll post on Facebook.

    Your sweet Easter vignette is beautiful. I read a butterfly quote this week you might enjoy: The caterpillar cries, 'It's the end of the world!' but the butterfly cries, 'It's only the beginning!'

    I love the picture that makes, we sometimes think it is the end of the world when things are hard but looking back we see the changes those hard things made in us & the beginning of better things.

    As always, I LOVE your posts. :o)

  2. A beautiful Easter/ autumnal post Catherine - I love both your little vignettes ... your nature table AND the little indoor setting. Everything is shown so beautifully through your camera lens. I am really enjoying autumn & the welcome rains after the long dry summer - the lawns have greened up already. I think your St Anthony was a perfect find on Trademe ... patron Saint of Lost & Broken - yes that definately sounds like you my friend. I love the little butterfly tucked into your setting - just perfect. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead x0x0

  3. I like the idea of a nature table, too. The Easter tableau is wonderful!

  4. A pretty post as always, so colourful & bright. Enjoying the changing season!

  5. Hello Catherine, we had a lovely spring like Easter, thank you. However, it is really nice to see your upside-down-floweriness as it makes me think of summer and holidays! Who needs daffodils, hares, eggs and spring blossom when you have an abundance of other things? Lilly of the valley and roses are some of my favourite flowers (I had both in my wedding bouquet 40+ years ago). The crochet cross and all your pictures are lovely, thank you for sharing them. Barbara xx


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