Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Woodland Dominoes, Racey Helps and Three Wise Men

Hello lovely ones!
Aren't baby things adorable.
 They're designed that way to melt our hearts!
This wee fawn caught my eye at the market last week.
He's quite at home tucked under all the foliage.
Priced at a dollar because of the chip...I'll just give it a wee paint, or not.
Some things are still just precious, even in imperfection.
I found some tiny rose buds, the first double violet & a wild strawberry.
Tiny things are endearing too.
Funny old owl tea cosy came home from the Saly's with me.
Someone was being innovative a good few years ago.
I have sold him now...I hope his new owner likes him too.
Rob found himself a really fancy shirt in an Op Shop recently; linen, New York label.
Pretty much brand new.
 I popped it through the wash (on it's own -imagine the blue running through everything!)
When I went to peg it on the line I looked down & saw a bit of white plastic peeking out of the collar.
Funny...little pointy collar stiffeners.
One on each side.
I was wondering what Burt's secret was yesterday? Becoming quite positively manky & balding over the summer, he has regained his youthful top piece in recent weeks; albeit with a few extra grey feathers. Perhaps it's all the cat biscuits he scoffs from Charlie's bowl, the second that it's unattended.
Rob had a birthday last weekend...
His apple, feijoa cake was delicious!
The days are certainly shorter...time for tea lights in Lucy, once more.
Pretty & romantic.
Looks a bit odd with the mustard in clumps, but this proved to be a wonderful way to cook a little salmon...just popped on top of the roast veges & baked another 10 minutes.
If you come with me through the garden gate (spotted in a cafe the other day)...
you'll find my little friends, laying about under the raspberries.

The man at the market said that they came out of the cornflakes packet back in the day (1950s perhaps) Anyone remember them? I would have loved to have found them in my cornflakes!
These old agee jars are maybe at least as old as the pixies. This one's missing the metal rim for the clip down bit so I thought this arrangement might be quite useful.
Dear Rob wanted these chaps for his birthday present.
And so are these two.
A wee while ago I found this Woodland Dominoes set in the Dog Shop...
darling little animals on the cards. Only trick was neither of us can remember how to play the game!
Oh dear...any assistance gladly received.
As it turns out, I have been rather fond of Racey Helps & his illustrations for quite sometime.
These pictures via Pinterest.
"Angus Clifford Racey Helps was an English children's author and illustrator. His books were written in a simple style and feature woodland creatures and birds, with illustrations by the author."
Isn't this one just adorable.
I found a lovely little expose of "The Sack Race" & the picture here.
Inspired by a recent birth of a tiny "Lily" (grand daughter next door) I had a fiddle with a crocheted crown. Jane was happy to be my model. Apparently her head is precisely the size of the average newborn. Now, Wally...yes that's his name, seems to have surfaced from somewhere! (Rob) He was once blown up, in a tree (but survived) as his star role in a home movie. Matthew & his mate Mark were around 14 at the time. Wounded Wally, captured David's heart (younger brother) & he set to & made him some remedial clothes, all by hand. 
More baby things...
& the dearest, most remarkable story of baby animals I've seen in ages.
I'm quite sure that you'll love it too.

Much love to you all
Catherine x0x0x


  1. You have found some treasures! I love the owl tea cosy & the tealights in the crystal jugs. The cake looks very yummy.

  2. Racey Helps always makes me smile

  3. Hi sweet friend!
    Aw, so many lovely images and ideas today!
    Of course, I love all the toadstool beauty. I am going to show the duck/kitten video to my students today.
    You are some cake baker! Rob's birthday treat looks straight from the pages of Country Living. What was in the tea cups?
    Sending love your way, good Gathering Katie!

  4. It looks like you use Lucy like I use my back porch - such a fun party spot!

    I too love baby things, I adore the baby crown! I've never seen one, it is precious.

    Have you tried doing a search on how to play dominoes? I know how to play but I wasn't sure if I sure write such a long comment explaining it?

    I have a small collection of children's books & I really enjoy seeing the new ones you've found. As usual, I love the entire post!

    (Beautiful cross in the shop as well)

    1. Hello Jenny. I am very slow at the moment (in my replies) but do so appreciate your comments. A lot happening your way at the moment! Wedding anniversaries, tornados & new porches!! Your peonies are wonderful. They must like it in your garden.Have you ever tried drying them? I did one year...just a few& they were very successful. You hang them upside down before they are fully open. I'm glad you noticed the cross. I know that you've had a very happy week...celebrating. well done! Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. Hello Catherine, I love your new fawn & also the collar stiffeners in Robs new shirt (3 wise men) I'll bet you both got a giggle when you saw that?! Belated birthday wishes to Rob (it was my friends birthday last weekend also). His apple feijoa cake looks delicious - I was in a cafe & I actually ordered apple feijoa cake :-) Yes I would love to have found those pixies in my cornflakes years ago too ... cant actually remember anything quite so exciting in my day. I have just put 6 mother -of-pearl handled knives in a smaller version of your agee jar ... great minds etc OH & your crochet crown is just adorable. Must sit & watch that video.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend dear friend x0x0

    1. Hello dear friend, sorry I am so slow with my replies just now. I might get better one day! Yes indeed we had a quite a giggle over the shirt collar bits. Rob was chuffed with your birthday wishes...thank you! I am a bit sad that the feijoas are coming to an end now. Like asparagus I would be happy if they just kept going perpetually..not just spinach ; ) we have a had a jolly good crop from our sweet persimmon tree this year. Luckily the birds just seem to chose on or two & eat them right out before moving on to the next one. Would be most un-useful if they pecked each one for fun! Ooh yes, I bet the pearl handles look great in your jar. Much love & friendship dear heart. catherine x0x0x

  6. Have just realised that I saw that video recently on a t.v programme about unusual animal friendships ... just delightful :-) And just goes to show that we can all be friends !!!!

  7. The cake looks absolutely delicious, the pixies are sooooo adorable, but the woodland dominoes trumps them all. I would be over the moon too if I found that! Hope you are having a lovely week, Lisa xx


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