Friday, 13 March 2015

Morning Glory

Hello dear, kind people.
I wonder, are you a fabulous giver of gifts or are you, perhaps, a better receiver?
Some people just love getting presents & surprises, others are so clever at finding just the right thing for someone else. One of my best & most memorable gifts received, was... half a salami wrapped in tin foil from my friend Trish-perhaps 20 years ago! 
I loved it!
 It meant so much to me at the time.
A week or two ago, I left a little fairy stuck down to Nina's bedroom window sill, with the hope that she might open her curtains one morning & catch sight of a sweet little friend peering in.
Soon after that, Nina was grocery shopping with her mum when she spied the perfect gift for Auntry Catherine..
 Entirely delightful!
And the best part was the Nina made fairy wand....just for me!
 Just in case you're wondering...this is where you keep your fairy wand.
 In amongst the dust & the desiccation, there are magical things in the early autumn gardens.
Like quinces' bottoms.
Aren't quinces buttery beautiful.
 And there are ripe-o-clock blackbirds that are devouring the perfect fruit-wholly, one by one.
 I am rather taken with the vibrant presence of summer begonias at the moment. If you find the right spot for them they flower for months & months, right through to the first frosts. I want to try & label the corms this season before they finish flowering so that I will know what colours I have for next year.
Isn't sweetcorn so delicious & these days it's so sweet too.
I found some more of these vintage corn dishes last week- cute & colourful!
 My fabulous gathering friend Ruth & I have been selling her bulbs & my seeds on Trade me over the last month or so. What a joy it is to sell plants & seeds to people! In amidst the selling a lovely lady called Michelle came from just down the road to collect her purchases & we had such a great conversation. She told me how much she loved our parks & most especially Frimley Park & "The Rabbit Tree". It was about now I found this little rabbit book. The bunnies have their tails painted on each morning by mother rabbit.
 Receiving instructions before going out to play.
 So of course we needed to go & find the Rabbit Tree for ourselves-
 And so it goes that if you come along very softly right about dusk & then you wait patiently & very quietly...
 you just might see the rabbits come out to play.
 I love to return to the St Luke's Church Fair each year out in Havelock North.
Stalls like the flower ladies are such a delight.
 I decided to be a little floral all by my self.
 This ensemble (double bass included)
 were just adorable & played the funnest old tunes.
 I was so thrilled to be able to buy this entirely hand worked tablecloth.
 The edging is all bobbin lace & must have taken an extraordinary amount of time to make.
When I pass this delightful signage on my way to work, it always makes me smile.
As my friend Kerry said.."It's like leads to the other!"
Yes, indeed that's true.
We are doing quite well here this week. We're all ok.
Grateful for that.
"What's the story morning glory?"
Aren't they amazing...each flower unfurls like an umbrella each morning & tucks itself away again each dusk.
(click to see the whole picture)
Fresh glory in the morning, tucked in & protected each evening.
That'll do me, today.
Blessings & friendship to you!
Thanks so much for your visit.
Much love, Catherine


  1. How lovely morning glory is in your country, in the UK we have these but they are white - they open/shut just the same. Lovely bright and cheery post, it seems strange to be reading about Summer although we have Spring just emerging and I saw my first primrose yesterday, Betty

  2. Oh, the flowers! The corn! The pink goodies all around! (HUGE HUG!)

  3. Nina is very lucky to have her Aunty Catherine I think. I just adored the little fairy wand ... the cellotape holding it all together just made me smile. I think thats a simply perfect place to keep your fairy wand - just handy for when you might need to wave it around. Your quinces look beautiful too. That table cloth you purchased ... Oh MY !!! Hmmm I am not sure about the rabbit tree ... I cant help but think of them as pests even though they ARE very cute. Have a wonderful peaceful weekend my friend x0x0

  4. Love the sweet little fairy wand.

    One of my favorite gifts -when my son was small he went shopping with his grandmother. She let him choose one thing just to keep for himself & he chose a blue dust pan with a long handle for me. :) He was so excited to give me this useful gift. He said. 'Mamma, you can sweep the floor & you won't have to bend over to sweep it up!" So precious. He's all grown up & all these years I've never had to bend over to sweep up the dust.

    The little rabbits have started coming out in the evenings here. One of our first signs of spring. Soon I'll go out at dusk & they'll be scattered around the yard looking for the best clover patch.

    Thanks for a post full of sweetness

  5. Everything looks so lovely and bright and inviting. I do love your fairy wand, such a lovely gift to receive. Adore and envy your tablecloth. Shirley

  6. Your posts are so colorful.

  7. Everything is always so lovely and colourful on your blog, I love to see your pics each week. Those quince look devine, my MIL makes wonderful quince jelly xx.

  8. wow I feel inspired by the splash of colours on your photos. The fairy wand is cute. I actually don't know what quinces are but they look good. That pink bird in Your? garden is gorgeous. The sweetcorn plate makes it fun to eat it. Absolutely love your dress and the bunnies. Isn't nature beautiful to see them hopping around a majestetic tree. Thanks for the abundance of beauty

  9. Your garden is absolutely beautiful Catherine. I’ve seen pink and white Morning Glory but never blue, and such a pretty blue too.
    I don’t have to tell you how much I love the sweet little rabbit book and the real rabbits under the rabbit tree. An adorable post from a lovely lady, thank you. Much love Barbara xxx

  10. Hi! I just want to tell you that I had a wonderful time reading your blog! It is so beautiful! I love looking at your vintage things and reading about them. Looking forward to reading more. :)



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