Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Weekend adventure: Rotorua

Still a lovely little cottage (yes, I did knock on the door but no one was home..hope they didn't mind!)

Just near the Redwoods out at Lynmore my grandparents wee place..this is at the bottom of the drive. I always loved this view.

The remarkable Redwoods..15 acres planted in 1901!

My darling at the wedding. So glad that we went. Just wonderful to drive out of a cold, wet dismal Hawke's Bay to arrive in a lovely warm sunny Rotorua. A truly delightful & happy occasion. So nice to catch up with old friends & a privilege be in the midst of such a wonderful family celebration. 
Stayed at the Distinction Hotel (not enough but a bit tired on it!) Fun grotto spa pools. Lovely to be together though.
Had coffee & fab savoury pinwheel scones at our favourite Fat Dog Cafe  on Sunday morning. Fun, funky, hippy-ish place with great cafe food & coffee.  Ragamuffins concert was on that weekend too so queues way out the door!
One of the many things painted on the wall:
 "Always try your luck at least once a day because if you don't you might have been lucky all day & never know it!"

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