Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mary Bearing Bumble bees & Other Inspiring Things

M for Mary & for Mothers Day

 My mother arrived last Sunday morning for a wee visit bearing "bumblebees" & rose petal jam (amongst other things) ohh they are so yummy. I will pop the recipe on the kitchen blog
 We had a lovely time catching up. One of Mary's finest accomplishments after those of the kitchen department, is that of the art of needlework.

 This is one of my mothers samplers that I so love having on my wall!
Needle work has been an interest that she has always enjoyed & something that has made way for the fostering of many lovely friendships through the years with other like-minded & equally skillful woman just as her mother did before her.

 I have one or two of my Granny's pieces. This one needed repurposing.
  Now that is more my style..I love to appreciate other peoples expertise!
When I bought this vintage sewing basket it was the grubbiest nicotine colour so I have given it a paint & popped the tapestry on top
 I think that it's looking a lot better now..just have to finish the inside. So far I have covered the inside of the lid with my last bits of this old Sanderson
 I recently bought this dear little evening bag on Trade Me horribly cheaply. All I need to do is a few wee repairs..just the stitching at the sides..isn't it sooo fine!
 Written in honour of my mother & all the amazing skills that women bring to this life.
Have a blessed day all of you. With much love from Me xx

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