Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Memory Keeper & A Granddaughter

I have recently been reading a book with the intriguing title of:
"The Memory Keepers Daughter" & in the process of reading this fascinating story I got to thinking that as women, especially as mothers, we have the chance to become "Memory Keepers". There are so many things that happen in this life that no one at all would know about if someone didn't record events & experiences & journeys of families. That is probably why story telling is so important in many cultures. Stories & tales are passed down from one generation to another... that is just the way of things..& some of us have very poor memories & imaginations which is where photos come in.
This all brings me to Felicia, Rob's mother. It is her birthday today.
Happy Birthday Felicia we hope you have a really lovely day!
Thank you for doing such a fine job as the "taker & keeper of the photos"
Without your faithfully creative eye on the job we would never have
remembered what we looked like back in 1980
 when we lived in Manaia in Taranaki
Or how sweet little Anna was & just how many friends she had back then or.. a million other things!
I have often admired Felicia through the years for her brave & fearless approach to learning new skills..even now, joining the family on Facebook, mastering her own interesting computer & making the transition from film to digital photography even in her 80's (am I allowed to say that?!!) She recently made this fabulous voucher card for Rob which I am in awe of

A good sense of humour is also very useful when recording the life of a family!

We have been to see
Gaylene Prestons
"Home by Christmas"
..wonderful story telling.

Resourcefulness is good too..I found a voucher through Ezibuy..2 for 1 to this very movie : ) for last week.

Now, it's quite interesting because everywhere that I turn just lately I seem to come across a sweet 16 year old girl called Jasmine who is doing a fabulous job of connecting people & enjoying her friends & family..
Just this week Jasmine posted this photo on Facebook (below)
of herself & her cousin Matthew
(our Matthew who is now almost 25!)
I imagine that a common Nanna took this photo of two cousins.
Well done Jasmine!!!...keep being a "Memory Keeper"
..every family needs a good one..tag!
And just to finish this post..
I bet you haven't seen this particularly special photo of Nanna
.. dressed in this seasons high fashion weed bag
kindly supplied by the Auckland City Council ; )

Love Catherine x


  1. You are so right about needing a memory keeper in the family. If it wasn't for my eldest sister, my recent foray into our family ancestry would have ground to a halt before I began as our parents and grandparents are no longer with us to ask. So do write down every event that you can remember and keep those photos going they will mean so much to future generations.

  2. thanks so much for that..vital clues & info can be so easily lost. It is kind of why I am writing a blog at all. So nice to receive affirmation in the process : )

  3. Memories are what we are all about - love the 1980 photo of you and hubbie.


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