Friday, 21 May 2010

Speaking of Him & of Roses in the Rain

Around & around.. I come again to this tight space. There are many things in this life beyond our control, my brain being one of them. With creativity comes sensitivity, with historical displacement comes the struggle to find my place in the world & sometimes 
the unbearable weight of depression.
This morning I feel powerless & overwhelmed (for a number of reasons)..
I have just delivered an urgent note to all of our immediate neighbours as
Margaret's precious "Charlie" has been repeatedly poisoned by toxins unknown
& we are desperate to find the source. 
Charlie really is extraordinary!!
I will often find him at our house making himself quite at home 'cos his "Mum" isn't at his place!
On my journey of leaflets in the rain
I found loveliness on the front fence..valliant Souvenir de Mal Maison
I am reminded in my place of powerlessness that I am not in control He is..

No, that's not how
I see Him really

My father dropped off some more "stuff" this week..he thinks that I might know what to do with it!
One of those things was our very old family Bible that I have never actually seen before.
All our names have been carefully recorded in the front by my grandfather
It even has pictures!
I quite like this one of "the lunatic breaking the chains"  
And beautiful lettering.
Ah & a simple message...we must guard against indifference..turning
our faces away from caring. "He" is all about the heart.
My love & hugs to you all. Thanks for being here.

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  1. Poor Charlie, I hope you find out what's going on, and that he is ok.
    I envy you your roses, still blooming in the Hawkes Bay. I hope your sadness passes soon.You make a lot of people happy.


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