Thursday, 1 July 2010

Matariki and New Beginnings

Now is the time here, of Matariki. 
Celebrations of the New Year, new beginnings.
It makes sense really, the time of harvest is complete, 
the days have drawn in. 
  It is winter. The earth draws breath & rests..
so now is the time to take stock for the coming
important time in the Maori calendar in New Zealand,
which has lead me 
to thinking..of community & the gathering together
& strength of women.
As we were walking this week I came across this
extraordinary painting on display in the window 
of the Information Centre
 It speaks to me of wholeness & empowerment through
each season of a woman's life.
 Women who know their own strength
& enable & nurture others.
Women who continue to bloom even in the winter
in spite of the rain.
even in the dark, continuing to be light
(yip we had an unexpected power cut)
warming others, warming themselves
Communities & families are held together by the strength
& love & resourcefulness of women.
All honour to you dear one. 
Thank you for taking the time to be here.
You are just lovely!
Did you know that violets drink from their flowers.
When next you pick a bunch dip their wee heads in a 
glass of water. I had a happy accidental drink from such a
glass after dunking violets once..the fragrance in the water
was astonishing. 
Your sweet violets will last several days longer this way.

I just adore the fragrance of daphne don't you.
This one is a white one but the scent is still 
just as divine. I keep visiting everyday
wanting to hurry it up... open!
Like when I was little & I would squeeze 
the feijoas daily until eventually they were
soft & fell off not from ripeness but from 
Women bring so much fragrance, beauty & colour
in to the world. 
You can hardly see my curly kale but it is
the most remarkable mahogany colour.
The teapot just wanted a turn in a picture.
there's an empty section just down the 
I went & rescued some of the camelias.
The pink flowers are roses still 
flowering in my garden..Monsiuer Tillier again.
The jelly I made just yesterday from the last of the
guavas, several crab apples & a japonica apple..
I just love this sweet book

I read this page the other day
& thought I must share it with you.
Click the picture to enlarge if
you're having trouble reading it : )
you are my sunshine...have a wonderful day!


  1. Morning Catherine....!

    The passage from the book you included really resonates with me as I'm CONSTANTLY reaching & planning for the 'tomorrow' rather than grabbing onto & enjoying the many 'todays' falling in between....** sigh ** I must STOP doing that....!!

    Your pics as always are LOVELY....!!

    Enjoy the Matariki celebrations....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. You photos are just so lovely Catherine. And you write with such passion and so much poetry! I wish you lived next door to me!
    Love Jacqui


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