Friday, 9 July 2010

Vintage Green

What is it about vintage green?
It just somehow seems to evoke feelings 
of fresh wholesomeness & goodness.
We live in an old bungalow that's had a few adjustments 
made to it through the years so we have ended up 
with more of a cupboard than a real laundry. 
Mostly it works pretty well but as winter approached
& the drafts returned we popped on our best
"make do & mend hats" & came up with this 
handy solution to the really big sneaky draft 
that whips through those laundry doors.
Firstly I gathered up my vintage "greens"

A dear old blanket with a few little flaws..holes & stains..
and a lovely old marcella that had badly faded in places
and was past it's best Convent days
then, not feelingly too badly about the sacrifice, I took
out my measuring tape & scissors & made a particularly
heavy, draft thwarting curtain which was then cleverly 
hung on a piece of pipe (just the right size) that
had once belonged to an outdoor umbrella.
Two little wooden brackets & we are all set : ) 
Now, this little laundry is really just fine, as I mentioned
 however, for quite some time now old "Bob the builder"
has been restoring the most awful old shed that's attached 
to the end of the garage & creating the most useful 
& vintagy space that we call "the Larder".
It's all coming along quite nicely & so are one or two
Christmases, but I now have some very handy little indoor
washing lines for just such a dismal, damp & dreary time..
do you notice some more touches of that green?
It's everywhere!

some of my favourite Sanderson just wore
right out out from being arm rests on the
couch so "he" suggested that we 
repurpose the best bits that the damage was done & the blanket was
indeed "chopped" I found more & more useful little 
jobs for it to do
 lining the inside of my tea cosy

backing my new little crocheted
flower brooch.
I had so much fun making this
& am grateful to Attic24
for the best crochet tutorials!
just love it on my vintage green velvet coat!
so I made a few more crocheted flowers & pinned
them on my woolie op shop hat but then it got freezing
so I wore it all day selling mandarins.
I wonder if anyone noticed the pins?!
"that" Kaitiaki arrived right in the middle of
all this vintage green & crochet.
He played with the cars, did a few flips.
demonstrated his strength,
held Pop's hand a lot, ate his lunch all the while
pouring tomato sauce from a wee glass jug & got
carried away making a fabulous "cration" like Katie's
I was so glad that I had my camera with me when
my lovely friend floated by while gardening
last week..ah the scent of luculia..
once home,in spite of the mud I was amazed to
find so much edible colour in my home garden
and these little treasures..are called "earth gems"
I found them in Bellatinos in Havelock North
(just in case you're local) more about them soon!..
Hope you've had a good week : )

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