Saturday, 3 July 2010

Whimsical Tea Cosies and Vintage Inspired Calendar: July

 A couple of weeks ago, I reserved 
this zany book at the library
(essential the reservation.. it's very popular!!)
Ah, I so fell in love with this
so out came my wool & 
my knitting needles
& some more wool was bought,
especially since Spotlight 
had all yarn at 1/2
price for a day or two.
 Then what should I see,
but the
at Magpie Chic
 Her dear Magpie Chic mum had just made her this : )

however..I find I am still positively crap
at knitting! So in the blink of an eye 
the knitting needles
were sent away in disgrace
and my dear trusty crochet
hooks retrieved for service.
Phew... the book also has 
patterns for crocheted flowers.
Here was a completed rose 
flaunting itself shamelessly
atop a teapot.
Bit of a trick all this wool!
But that looks better!
I (we! Matt gave me a hand) lined this
old suitcase with this lovely old
lavender wallpaper
 so that now the suitcase is upcycled
& the yarn has a new home
Yes! I thought with relief, we can do this after all : )
I made up the body part & lined it with a wee 
piece of lovely old green vintage blanket,
blanket stitched the two together
& attached the roses to the top..
now here's the trick..the instructions were odd
so I made a little blanket platform for the flowers
to sit on & blanket stitched around that edge too
so that eventually I ended up with this!
Vintage button to secure the front
as we don't want to be revealing 
too much cleavage now do we!
I have also been making crocheted
flower brooches but I will have to save
that for another post!
I did however, find this lovely old 
basket at the Sallies recently
It's in very good condition.
Plastic lined but no tears. 
I have a feeling it has quite a bit of age on it.
What do you reckon?


  1. You have done an amazing job transforming that knitted tea cosy into a crocheted one Catherine. I am quite overcome with it's loveliness! The Vicar would love it!
    Jacqui xx

  2. You did a fantastic job on your teacosy and I love the suitcase with all those yummy colors of yarn it...Beautiful!

  3. I love the idea of putting all your wool into an old suitcase - especially one that is lined with such pretty paper!
    Oh and well done on the teacosy - knitting is just not for me, Ive tried and we just don't get along ;)

  4. What an inspiration - I started a tea cosy just like Magpie Chic`s quite a while ago (ok then two years!)but it`s been lying unfinished - not anymore - I`m on the case!Thank you Catherine, I love your blog, it`s so charming. Your lovely shopping basket looks very `50`s - well done on finding it.

  5. Wow..I like your work!!
    Its awesome..
    I love your did you do that?

    I also like your blog, its so cute and girly.


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