Friday, 10 September 2010

Delightful Urban Charm

It's funny how you can prepare for a journey but you never really know just how an adventure is going to unfold. Ours was a spring adventure to Palmerston North & back, only for a day or two & only two hours away yet so much was to happen in that short time. Rob had to attend an NZO aged care training day so I tagged along for the ride. Just driving out of your own town is a tonic after the confining winter months. The newly emergent willow green waved at us from passing fields.
farms & barns & houses ethereally floated by through the fog & the rain
 pussy willow: bedraggled coats glistening with raindrops 
 planted by an inspired soul..a ballet of snowdrops
and a little further on the Mabins' "Taniwha" a wonderland of daffodils. Open to the public every day through September. The 15 acres of sunshine & smiles is home to 1700 different kinds of narcissi! 
 In Dannevirke we stopped at the Regent Cafe

they do really good coffee
& very yummy scones

I loved these in the window!
they can be made to order

a couple of doors down is
the Sallies. I was so
amazed to find a Victoria
magazine sitting on a shelf
for 20c! Rob then
 discovered 6 more!

they've been round a little
 while but somehow Victoria
 of all magazines retain a
 timeless quality.
"The Gorge" was closed due to very heavy rain & slipage so we traversed the saddle road to Ashurst which was fun...passed by all the wind turbines on the hills...unusual things they are.
On Wednesday I was free to explore all the secondhand & op shops I could find. In George Street what should I discover but a marvelous secondhand shop called "Urban Charm". A perfect title for a such a delightful wee shop

belonging to Heather & her sister Linda the business is flourishing, unsurprising really as they have such great stock at very reasonable prices. I just adored this old angel print entitled " On The Resurrection Morning"

 Happily, Palmerston North has an Arthur Toy... I just adored this fabric luckily it was on sale ; )

 goes quite nicely really with this yummy teacosy that I found at a huge secondhand shop
on the outskirts of town.
I had a wee bit of a disaster with my second batch of violet syrup..mmm sort of taffy, so rather than waste it completely I made some very yummy apple bran muffins for the trip. I loved taking them with us in this pretty Greengate tin. No, you can't see the muffins..we ate them all!
the first evening was nice and mild..phew, what a pleasant change after the endless cold.. so we went for a wander around the newly revamped "Square" 

the library is truly magnificent

up through here and we are back to George Street & 
our lovely "Urban Charm"
I can't wait to make some pants out of these old curtains that I found in Seekers
a huge!!... secondhand clothing...well, warehouse really

and these doilies from the Hospice shop might work in with my doilie bunting that's coming along quite nicely

I think I shall have to leave you with my new favourite quote from Dr Seuss
most especially for Sharon.. a truly zany & delightful soul that I had the immense pleasure to meet in "Urban Charm" 

 "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." 

however, I'll have to save the story about the Iranians & the vanilla air freshener for another day : 0



  1. What a lovely post, I enjoyed your trip and it brought back a few memories for me. Looks like you came home with some lovely treasures!

    Great quote and oh so true. :-)

  2. Wow - how lovely to come along with you and see all your dights. I shall ingore the fact that you have spring because that makes me slightly depressed...

  3. Sux to John Cleese eh Katie. You bathe Palmy Nth in a totally, more effervescent and rosy light with your yummy Geoge ST and your fantastic libray at night photo. I can't wait to re-discover geoge St now!
    Luv Jacqui

  4. Hi Catherine, How lovely to see photos of spring just as we are entering autumn. I love the look of "Urban Charm" I wished I lived near enough to have a look round. Jane xx

  5. i LOVE your post and i so want to be able to rummage thru that delightful little shop! btw i LOVE that sweet little tea cosy :) x

  6. i would have been happy enough after those beautiful paddocks of snowdrops and daffodils, so lovely! and then you go and find all those other fantastic things too, sounds like a great little trip :)

  7. I will now look upon Palmie with different eyes - thankyou Catherine !

  8. Gorgeou post, Thank You Catherine. Hope you have a wonderful week. xo

  9. My goodness. You had a successful day. Love the images from the magazines. You are right - timeless! Have a great week.

  10. Great trip, Thank you
    WOW I want to rummage in that shop looks fantastic.
    Great quote and very true
    Have a great week


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