Saturday, 4 September 2010

Magnificent Magnolias

 Vintage inspired calendar picture for September from House on the Hill

September means miracles. Magnolian miracles.
  Captivating blooms emerge from stark, bare wood 
fragrantly heralding Spring in all her magnificence. 
In the language of flowers magnolias signify nobility &
 perserverence. Pretty apt don't you think.
All this emergent splendour just happened to coincide 
with a visit from our Matthew. Each of us compulsively
 "snapping" magnolia blooms all along the way over
several lovely days...
A trip to our park together for some more pictures

 This is my favourite tree of all

then a quick dash down the road because the light
was just right 
these gorgeous trees surround a commercial premises
an excellent choice to complement the Art deco style
of the building
I love the feel of this picture.. you could almost imagine 
that you where actually somewhere else in the world
...reminds me of this image that I found on
"we heart it"..I just adore the colours
Matthew made us some more fabulous sour dough bread
and bought with him a jar of his freshly made, delicious
Rob was so thrilled he 
just had to take a photo
of his toast!
then Kaitiaki arrived to play

.. didn't take him long to discover
my new vintage find

 "Here's your toys Uncle Matt", he cried
Noddy & Big Ears were very pleased to have an outing
oops! a small accident..

now proceed to sniff & poke newly baked bread
with a little assistance from a sniffy friend

 then single handedly reset the possum trap

lo & behold the following morning

 after months of no luck!

 What's the time?..ask Kaitiaki he knows how to set
this old alarm clock 
"Now we just have to be very gentle with this clock Kai
'cos it's very old.. it's as old as... Katie!.... most perplexed,
looked at me quizzically & then said are you old Katie?
..your not old ! as if I was trying to trick him... brrrrrrrrrng!

The blackbirds & thrushes are busy feeding their
young with the cat food off the back porch once again
...not at all fussy, just what ever's going
 a regal line of arrum lilies edge the wee creek
 in the park
and in my garden brighten a dark corner
 the sun sets out the front window just over here
each day right now

you could almost call all this "an endless abundance"
Matt does..pop in & visit sometime he'd love to have
you come by


  1. Hi Catherine, I love magnolias they are my day I hope to plant one, I especially love the pink and white variety like you have pictured...gorgeous.

    Hope you were hit with the earthquake I read about today, terrible thing.

    Take care, Tamara

  2. Your photos of the magnolias are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Good Morning Catherine....!

    I was driving around in the Hard Rubbish last weekend & thought to myself....I really SHOULD stop & take a pic of EACH magnolia tree or bush I see & do a post....I thought I'd call it 'Steel Magnolias'....One of my FAVE movies AND appropriate I thought given that I was out picking up mostly galvanised bins & tools....!!

    Alas....I was in LAZY mode & only took pics of my finds....So THANK YOU for taking the time to photograph the magnolias yourself & posting about them because they are a GORGEOUS flower & deserving of the recognition....hahahahahaha....I often write that the hydrangea is my FAVE flower, but I think it's really a toss up.... :o) !!

    THANKS as always for the LOVELY pics & I add my concerns & well wishes to Tamara's....I hope you were well away from yesterdays quake....!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. I have just found your blog and I am glad that I did. The magnolias are divine!
    You now have a new follower.
    Cheers from Brisbane

  5. Those magnolia's are something special. Love the photo of sniffing bread! So funny. Love your flea market find.

  6. see, i would nor could ever relate the beautiful magnolia to september, because, well, those season's upside down planet differences, of course... so wonderful to see it blooming, i can well imagine how lovely its blooming rain shatters.
    the bread smells wonderful! :)))


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