Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Vintage Romance

It's actually quite easy to fall in love...almost anyone can do it... but to stay fallen in love, now that's another matter entirely. Not a lot of people manage that very well. Yet, a great romance might indeed last a life time...
MANY people said that it wouldn't last,
 that it would all end in tears.
... they declared our relationship doomed to failure
but they just did not understand the gift
... how could they, it didn't belong to them
so many letters were written....hearts longing just to be together
journeys undertaken by train
the Silver Fern...went from Auckland to Wellington
 & back.. one way took 14 hours!
... & sometimes by plane, on standby

the cemetery was the prettiest place we could find 
& there were wild flowers there! 

....and then, finally we were married & could be together...always
 Our love of vintage was with us even then, right from the beginning...hunting for old bottles in wild gardens, exploring the abandoned flat next door in Tinakori road in Wellington & finding this sweet, sweet picture in a cupboard
under the stairs.
fossicking through Victoria St market
& antique shops
... everywhere we went 
looking for loveliness & anchoring ourselves to the 
imagined halcyon days & romantic notions of times gone by.
Quite soon, we found our own little house in Hawera
 then came two small children
& later another,
and all the while our love affair continued...
little did we know what lay ahead of us,
all that we would have to endure & work through 
& what that would cost us both.
We grew up together, however & eventually found 
a place in the world to be ourselves
 & to make a difference.

A great relationship takes courage, commitment & passion
& a plan of tender care & adventure.
When our 3 children were still quite small we began to be 
very brave & saved up some money & some courage &
 booked a night away in the historic County Hotel Napier 
(only 20 mins away saves on petrol!)
now when we look back over the last 32 years we cannot 
seem to harness the time & all the memories very well
 but we do recall vividly, all the sweet times like this when
we chose to honour "the gift" of our love in these
special romantic interludes together.
A couple of weeks ago we headed over to Napier once again.
 Having carefully packed & planned
we took an alternative
route to get there
over a one way bridge.
(There's no turning back
it's the rules!)
our bags packed with lovely things & a spare vintage blanket
 or two, just in case it got chilly & a delightful selection
 of magazines
pretty tablecloths, & flowers from home

...bubbly wine & bubbly 
water, homemade museli 
& guavas
& Greek yoghurt 
for breakfast

candles that I made in old pressed glass jugs
epsom salts & essential oils for the spa bath

we felt so blessed when we came across the most
exquisite green vintage velvet eiderdown in the
Antique Centre & "the girls" decided to make it
half price because of a water mark : )
The green is actually much richer but velvet is
notoriously camera shy. 
These vintage clip ons that I found in Decorum are
so much fun. I just love wearing them.
Linda kindly allowed me to photograph these gorgeous 
vintage velvet flowers that were for sale glad that I could show you
aren't the pansies just divine!
sweet dreams are the
 heart beat of romance

(a sign in Emerson St)
we all need to dream a little...
who knows what adventures are stilling waiting for us....


several of the pictures in this post came via we heart it


  1. Really lovely post. I hope I will recall my journey with my little family in 20 years time like you have done yours.

  2. This is such a lovely post Catherine.Bought tears to my eyes, which was not entirely good as it started my nose running again!!!
    I especially felt the romance vibes in the old house in Hawera. How could you fail to feel the love in an old house in Hawera?Especialy when you are able to portray Pamy North as the centre of the creative universe. You have the gift katie!
    Love jacqui

  3. A special post Catherine - best wishes to both you and Rob - made for eachother.

  4. I think this must be the most beautiful post I have read in a long time. So much love. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. I really enjoyed your lovely post too. May you both continue to be blessed with love and health. x

  6. Hi Catherine, what a beautiful post. Its very special to find somebody who you love, who loves you, and shares your passions too. Best wishes, Tamara


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