Sunday, 17 October 2010

Enchantement!! Bright Star

 Oh what enchantment, what a dream! The most romantic & engaging film I have ever seen. After telling you of my longing to walk in woods of bluebells I almost swooned when in the middle of this absorbing tale there are wondrous scenes set in a field of English bluebells..sigh!

Bright Star is described as "One of the most deeply moving, romantic films in memory"....well certainly in mine.
And, "A delicately created, deeply felt film of both restraint & intensity, visually ravishing & quietly absorbing"
Written & directed by our own New Zealand director Jane Campion, Bright Star is the enthralling story of the first love of renowned English poet John Keats & his Fanny Brawne; inspired by the couples actual love letters & Keats own sublime poetry the film is utterly mesmerizing & elegantly graceful; yet witty & clever too.
I sooo wanted to be able to tell you about this beautiful film because it is so rare & lovely. You'll know by the music & the pictures here if it's something that might appeal to you too. I shall keep it forever & watch it a thousand times.
Here are some more reasons why I just love it...a room full of butterflies..

a girl who sews all her own originally designed cloths by hand!
ahh, a swing in an oak tree...I so want one like this!!
We have an old chair exactly the same. Perhaps, 
I could just cut off it's legs!!
a gorgeous picnic
even a cat for all occasions, including to sit on the sewing & comfort a broken heart
a garden like the Secret Garden, all overgrown & full of wonderment & bees
and a washing line so full on wash day that it makes you swear you'll never complain about your own washing ever again!
& then of course a love so sweet that all else is peripheral
so much beauty it makes your heartache..with joy
This trailer is wonderful all on it's own.



  1. I watched this movie with my writing group earlier this year & found it so utterly utterly moving...words kind of fail me for how it made me feel....the poetry sublime, the scenery so beautiful, yes a room full of butterflies one of the many random divine moments. Thankyou also for your comments, I send angel prayers for you as you work with "you" and & all that that means. with love & hugs, TK xx

  2. thx for a lovely reminder of that amazing film indeed. well made, well spoken, well super romantic... ha! keats!
    and yes! i was amazed at all that beautiful (vintage) stitching that went on. i was enthralled by the little vest the actress is wearing, with rounded squares, i believe.

  3. I loved this film too for all the same reasons. I thnk I need to see it again. Thank you for reminding me Catherine.

  4. I had heard mediocre reviews from people who obviously do not know a Mr Darcy swoon from their elbow!
    I shall seek it out. And they said it had no story!!!!
    Thank you for that gorgeous book too Katie. I hope you saw my blog post about it.
    Love Jacqui


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