Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Vintage Doll's House and the Yukky Nutters

Thanks so much my friends for your kind thoughts & acknowledgements over the last few days we do so appreciate your caring hearts. ♥
Last weekend was the St Mary's school Gala just down the road..a bit of a bun fight really...we were all lined up outside the high tennis fences..the white elephant stuff being all laid out on the actual court inside.. and given quite a lecture on appropriate behaviour, before the whistle eventually blew & the gates were opened... there was to be NO pushing, shoving or trampling people in the rush to get in! 
Rob came with me, fortunately..you try tucking a doll's house under your arm & looking at the book stall simultaneously. Yes, I had spotted this doll's house in the distance & since Rob seemed to be in the slip stream he got to it in enough time to have a good look at it & "pegs" it..but oh dear poor darling I quite lost my senses & my manners & left him in the "pegsed" position for some few minutes while I merrily browsed the laden tables. Phew, he forgave me & we got to escape the tennis court with our $5 bargain of a house. And who should come to play that very afternoon but Kaitiaki, who was delighted to have a new venue to line up the cars & fly planes over.

 He & I decided to sit & play in the sunshine together..him with his house & cars & me with a hammer & a basket of walnuts, but it wasn't long before Kai saw that there was an issue & whipped inside to find me a plate for the "yukky nutters"
 Then it was time to swap jobs and tell a few tales..apparently he'd eaten a zebra just that week..yes indeed. In fact, his Dad had cooked it for him! It was brown & white..of course!

Then it got cold & his Mum came & took him home.
During my momentary lapse at the gala I did find a lovely English trug..good length for flower picking too.
I also found this lovely clear pressed glass jug to go with it's coloured friends on the kitchen window sill.
We have been having a go at getting ourselves organized..spring cleaning outside...sheds, the larder, reorganizing & repotting plants & making quite good progress really. The courtyard is looking much better.
 I love the new growth on the buxus.

 On my way down the back to pick this yummy lettuce for our tea
I found solomon's seal
and white wisteria
Everything is so pretty just now...
soft & translucent
and a little magical, these foxgloves really do look like fairy hats..don't you reckon?
I am just so thrilled with this photo...now blow!
Anyway..fixing & cleaning. Rob had been cleverly fashioning some brass brackets to put these shelves up with in the larder, when I came out & found him hanging out the washing! No, no you don't have to do that said I and his reply "I really don't mind, besides it gives me a break from being an engineer & since I can't be a goddess it gives me a chance to be a domestic god"...well what else would you like to do then!!??  
A few odd things have surfaced in the clean out including a large tin of mango puree..so, I made the most delicious pudding using half mango & half Greek yoghurt, a little honey & gelatine & set it in teacups..yum!
In wondering what to do with this silver plate hot water jug I found a new purpose that works quite well.
I wasn't too sure about the colour of this enamel teapot but I think it may have just redeemed itself.

And somewhere along the line I made a Prune & ginger loaf that has been very yummy for days. Tea & loaf in the garden with Moja sort of fare...just for now.

Hope you have a lovely week xx


  1. Hi Catherine, you've had some lovely finds. I especially like the jug. Your garden looks gorgeous, as does your house. And as for a hubbie who hangs out the washing, what a gem.
    Such a lovely post this one with lovely photos and images to enjoy. Thankyou.
    Anne xx

  2. Loverly....your flowers all seem to bloom about 3 weeks before ours...Im looking forward to some foxfloves and roses....plenty of rosebuds...just waiting! Just love all that topairy...sooo nice!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful. Yours is my favourite blog to visit for all its visual beauty and beautiful music as well. Today you had be searching for Sanderson fabric on ebay and I don't even sew - just love looking at all the beautiful flowers!

    I visited the other day and had a little cry for Moja.

    Thank you

  4. The jug is so beautiful. I've never found such a lovely thing here . Your garden looks great. In Poland it's autumn - cold and rainy :(
    Best regards!

  5. What a lovely post. Beautiful photographs, love the walnuts and the jug - just gorgeous.
    Your garden is so lovely. Good work!!
    Pam x

  6. Hello Catherine Love....!

    I hope this note finds you all well....! I KNOW...HR without my camera was a BIGGIE....hahahaha....I PROMISE to do better I REALLY do.... :o) !!

    Your doll house is DIVINE....How LUCKY were you to nab that sweet piece....!!

    As ALWAYS your pics are DELICIOUS & it's HARD to pic a FAVE....The chippy green shelf with the enamel tea pots made my heart SING but then the enamel teapot with the profusion of DELIGHTFUL pastel flowers made my pulse quicken while the mango & greek yoghurt pudding AND the prune & ginger loaf had me positively DROOLING.... ** sigh ** You're such a TEASE my Friend....hahahahaha....!

    Well I must away....The HR waits for NO Junker & I MUST get 'into it'.....!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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