Saturday, 12 February 2011

Crochet of the Heart

I am besotted with hearts & roses & all the lovely things of the romantic life: candle light, sweet fragrance, delicacy, flowers, lace, tenderness & grace. In a world stuffed full of modernity, concrete, metal, rap music & stretch fabric my heart yearns for the enduring graceful notions of tussie mussies, moss, gentle touch & flowers. No wonder there are so many breaking, empty hearts out there desperately seeking "love". We traded romance & sentimentality for sex & sexual freedom & then couldn't figure out what the problem was. I am so heartened to see a return to loveliness bursting out all over the place. Girly girls, hearts, cupcakes & tea parties, Valentines Day & for that matter, the very month of February, is the perfect time to set the tone for the whole year; keeping our hearts alive & tender with the graceful arts of living, dancing with the delightful things, befriending Serendipity & sharing sweetness where ever the year takes us.
 It's all quite perfectly peachy this way really..
 full of prettiness..I adore this dahlia in my garden
  might even bring a tear or two..touch the heart & soften the world to shades of beauty
I am so delighted with these divine hankies especially as they were only 50c each. I really feel that I might take up another dottie angel resolve to carry a vintage cotton hanky upon my person much more graceful...yukky old tissues should be reserved for boys, emergencies & annoying cases of poorlyness involving lots of snot. (personally I have never noticed a decrease in virus transmission by using solely tissues) I am thinking, that these two wee prettiest of cases might be just the perfect home for my sweet finds.
 The world needs us to sing the Song of Romance.
My darling's favourite rose.. "blossomtime". Grown from a cutting.
 I love the detail & soft romantic hues in these two old postcards (of mine). Amazing to think that they are almost 100 years old.

My dearest Cheryl bought this for me for my birthday. So sweet the gentle wings that envelope the tender inner heart & the soft pastel green of fresh hope.
 I am quite convinced that the key to a tender heart is beauty.
This just arrived from Red! An affaire of the heart topiary!! You'll find the instructions here
I adore this heart bunting from Bella Dia
and these are just so cute too

Swans, snow-white turtle, ducks just don't do it quite the same.
Bless you all my sweet, sweet friends & don't forget to keep your eyes open for loveliness where ever you go.



  1. Hi Catherine,
    What a lovely heartfelt post. It is truly amazing when you look for beauty, it's everywhere. One of the ways I see beauty more is by being in the moment. That seems to be a reoccurring theme with me, my journal writings in my darkest hours have screamed out "I just want to BE!" I wonder if not being able to just BE is a product of a very busy modern world, trying to fit so much into each day with the pressures of earning a living, getting kids to school, extra activities after school etc.
    When my girls were little, I loved it when they would go outside to play, to be in the fresh air, using their imagination, investigating the natural world around them. And then along came homework. Such a stifling thing is homework.
    My youngest daughter is in her last year of school but plans to go to university so it will be more books for her, but that will be her choice at least.
    I have rambled on here, I'm sorry. Your dahlia is gorgeous as are the roses. Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  2. I'm with you katie.
    Let's stop and smell the roses!
    Luv Jacqui

  3. Gentility, refinement, elegance and romance seem to have been abandoned today in favour of the the plastic modern life you mentioned Catherine - so sad.

    We are lucky in our blogworld we can be part of all those wonderful treasures such as your sweet hankies. I imagine they belonged to a dear lady, who has since passed on.

    I know my mother who died in 2000 just couldn't come to grips with our changed world.

    She had been part of the tea parties and refined living where we always had all our meals at a beautifully set table, complete with starched table napkins and silver napkin rings!!!!

    Give me romance, refinement and pretty hankies any day...

  4. love the hankie - i heard a woman exclaim in store this week "but no-one uses hankies any more" i beg to differ!

  5. Thank you for the beauty and romance! I get torn between the world of modern and vintage, hoping to combine both. I was just speaking with my mom about this...I take care of a 92 year old woman and I see how she is phasing out of this modern world. It's as if she is living partly in a distant past and transitioning into her heavenly future...

  6. Truly love your blog! My heart just calmed. I am now a follower of your blog. Hope you'll cross the waters and visited me at mine.

  7. I wish I could buy such a lovely hanky in Poland.


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