Sunday, 6 February 2011

Race you back home

 Even in the midst of all this heat (phew mid 30's today) I am riding a wave instead, of joy. So many thoughts & threads crowding in shouting pick me! pick me! But shhhh!!
Today I'm ignoring the clamour of the hard stuff & dancing like no one is watching.
I have loved these pictures from a Donna Hay magazine for ages

& I recognized them instantly when Matthew bought the book last year..finally I found a copy on Trade Me. That's just it, we are all in different seasons, each one passing in to the next in our lives in it's own time.
For lots of reasons, I missed big junks of childhood. The weight of the world never seemed to shift itself from my shoulders. He tells me that a childlike heart these days is a good thing. I asked Rob to please find our old typewriter this week..

Then today Kaitiaki came to play..."What's this Katie"? and in no time at all he had mastered the knack of the old typewriter
 then, in a trice had noticed my new sundae glasses
& asked if he could have a drink of water out of one of those please..that green one (I discovered them at Connections this week..a set of 8 in 4 different colours for a great price.)
After helping me scrub the tangelos (being spray free they get a bit of sooty mold at this time of year)
 & observing many things near & far with the binoculars, Kaitiaki felt that Pop's prostrate trestling would make a great jumpy platform

 Do you think I could take a picture of you Katie? (eeew!)
"Right", said he, after grasping all the instructions in 2 seconds flat, "Now I want a happy smile & your hands in the air...
& your feet"..too hard I cried! "No, I mean stand up on your feet"

& now I'll just
 take one of
I'll race you to the park eh!
Such amazing evening light this week.
So much more to share..come back now you hear!



  1. Your dress is so pretty and the Sundae glasses gorgeous. Looks like you had a fun day with your little visitor.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Anne xx

  2. Such fun! It's snowing here. I'd like a serving of summer, please.


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