Sunday, 20 February 2011

Naked Ladies and Other Glories

I have always been fascinated by naked ladies..perhaps because of my childhood memories of my Nan's place & the entire row of them that flowered along the front fence every summer. Their scent divine & their pearlescent seeds perfect for bead making in the May school holidays, as it was way back then.

Belladonna lilies are a flower of nostalgia, much like the bedding plants still used in our Cornwall park, just around the corner...bedding begonias & geraniums..bright & cheery & flower for months.
The begonia house  has had a recent make over..such a lovely place to wander in the evenings. The light recently truly captivating.  
the colours garishly vivid but somehow invigorating

This sequoia is magnificent & is often home to the local monarch butterfly population in the time of over- wintering.

Monarchs' have been such a profound symbol of hope & comfort to me & this park so dear to my heart I think that right here would be a good place to be 'sprinkled' the winter the butterflies would return & the hope would live on...for those who come after me...
light is so brings everything alive
& touches the soul
We have been utterly enchanted by this gorgeous chandelier that was so very, very kindly gifted to us not so long ago. 
 It has breathed life & delight in to our garden & created magic.

Makes me feel dreamy..wouldn't it be nice to float amongst the waterlilies & listen to the frogs.
My favourite seasons are autumn & spring so I am very happy to find the heat abating & the signs of the abundance slipping in under the gate. No place is this cornucopia more evident, than at our or Farmers Market. Peacharines are just so luscious looking.
The peppers & heirloom tomatoes so vibrant.
A basket full of goodness!
'Gypsy' bread, dark opal basil micro greens, 'delite' blueberries, local avocado (I have more!), 'purple calabash' heirloom tomato.
Want to come for dinner? Love to have you : )
Wishing you richness of life this week.

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  1. I've never heard of "naked ladies" before. But when I saw these flowers in your photos I recognized them. We called them "amarylis" or "amarylki" and grow them in pots. They're so lovely! :)


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