Friday, 16 September 2011

There's a Lion in My Garden

I know it's not good manners to leave your clothes in someone else's house, but I think that the tea party season may have quite gone to my head! So successful was the initial tea party, that Ruth in her magnanimity decided to host another party with new guests the following Thursday afternoon. I was invited help! So, finishing up my gardening work, I popped in to the laundry at the back of the house to make a quick change into slightly more appropriate tea party attire, pinned on my pretty brooch & rushed off out the door. When I got home a niggling feeling crept upon me, now, where were my clothes? Oh dear, oh dear still in the laundry or did they blow away down the road!!
We decided the following day, while I was still squirming with embarrassment & giggling, that we should be "glad" that on our way home from retrieval of said clothes, we could have a lovely walk along the walkway by the Karamu Stream, an area under restoration & enhancement.
 This is a nice addition at the far end..stylized flax plants in metal. There are a great many clever artisans around Hawke's Bay.
How do the willows always know to come out first? They don't ever just forget do they.
 Isn't this the most perfect spring green.
 Across the riverbank we spied an interesting spectacle...he looks to have had a bit of a rough infancy I should say!
 On our way home we passed a mixed race family. Mum had a very stern eye fixed on me. I didn't dare climb the fence.
One of the best things about living where we do is being so close to "our" park...just around the corner. We walk in & through Cornwall Park hundred's of times a year. Walking through here again on Wednesday the light seemed just perfect... 
 & the lions appeared to come to life.
 These chaps have been restored a bit in the last couple of years. Originally a fountain, this grand monument was erected in 1911...a hundred years old, that's quite something round these parts.
 Isn't he lovely.
 There was something slightly familiar about him...ah yes! He reminded me of our new immigrant lion Earnest.
 Charlie (borrowed cat) was suspicious at first but soon realized that he had found a friend.
Someone new to play in the garden with..
 after he's finished sniffing the hyacinths that is.
 "Perhaps he'd like some of my biscuits", suggested Charlie.."look, you just put your head down like this"
But Earnest was was having none of it, he wasn't feeling very peckish today.
 Oh look there's Maddy. Where ever did she spring from? She must have had an inkling that there was a little furry afternoon tea gathering happening, even though she lives across the road. (We haven't figured out quite where yet).
 Secretly, I think she has quite a crush on "our" Charlie I just wish she'd be more careful crossing the road by herself.
 There are many things my garden doesn't grow well but I am ecstatic to find that it's at last being friendly to the bluebells.
Aren't these fascinating wee things? I found them at the Farmer's Market..they're limequats (not limettes as Mr silly called them) Not quite sure what I'll do with them but they're very decorative in the mean time, in or out of the garden.
Do look at this lovely lass spotted in a Willowpark Road garden this week. Isn't that a clever idea!
 There are sooo many kinds of blossom..all pretty!
Do you like my "new" teapot? It might be about as old as the lions in the park I think. It was so cheap on Trade Me...journeyed all the way from Gore, which is at the bottom of the South Island, some 1218 kms away! I'm sure with some lovely old roses in it, it'll bring a little magic to our next tea party.
When I grow up I want to look like this...these colours just make my little heart sing!

Lovely to see you my friends.
 I hope the things that you love make your heart sing today too!


  1. Oh, I want to look like that when I grow up, too!
    What a lovely little saunter down the way, Katie!
    Your cat is funny! LOVE the lion in the garden, too.
    Toad, Ratty, and Mole are departing Denver on Saturday! They have been playing in the zinnias by moonlight and having several restorative cups of tea. They shall take the train to the post office and then they'll fly to Texas for their first stop. I'm so glad you are playing along with us! Sending huge love your way, sweet kindred spirit!

  2. I think I am in love with Charlie (borrowed cat)...the lion statues are amazing, and what gorgeous spring photo's, have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Your colour combinations bring on the happy vibes, Catherine; the yellow limequats in the blue pot, the blue hyacinths against the oranges...

    Your cats are adorable.

    So what did happen to your clothes?

    Yes, my heart is singing today and you will see the cause of this deepseated joy in a few hours on my blog.

    With warmest autumnal wishes,



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