Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wind in the Willows Grand Tour Begins

Did I tell you we're having visitors? Actually, they're already on their way. We've started preparing for their arrival as they're very special guests, accustomed to quite particular standards. I swept out the larder today. I think that they'll be most comfortable in there, as there are plenty of provisions right to hand & quite a bit of nice fresh air. We're getting pretty excited, although, we're not yet entirely sure of their arrival date. I guess they'll get here when they get here... best be prepared, however!
Who am I talking about?
 Why Ratty, Mole & Badger of course!!
 In fact, they left Denver by train about last Saturday!
 Their passports arrived from the Embassy in the nick of time.
Look here they go.
Pom Pom & Mags have everything sorted..which is so good of them.
Here's an update from Pom Pom:
  After seven or so stops around America, they'll fly to Ireland and from there Mags will launch them about Europe.  They'll voyage to New Zealand and Australia, too.  Lucky THREE!  Thank you for cheering them on!   Safe travels!
If you'd like to join in the fun just click on the caravan at the top of the page in my side bar to get an update on the journey..there may even still be time to have them visit at your house if you're keen.
And from Mags
 "The open road, the dusty highway, the heath, the common, the hedgerows, the rolling downs! Camps, villages, towns, cities! Here today, up and off to somewhere else tomorrow! Travel, change, interest, excitement! The whole world before you, and a horizon that's always changing! And mind, this is the very finest cart of its sort that was ever built, without any exception."

Thus spaketh Toad on his first empassioned journey of Willows- and he remembered those words with glee as he hopped into his envelope in Denver today and snuggled down with Ratty and Mole for the first leg of their Grand Tour! The whole world really is before them this time!

Who would have ever thought that such a grand adventure would befall these three!
It's all pretty exciting really.
All infused with wanderlust, no doubt & far too excited to sleep much!
I wonder if they like asparagus?
Perhaps they may like to sleep in here:
from my book Shed Chic
Mean time, while we await the royal arrival, I thought you might "love to laugh!"
Every time I visit Pom Pom's I see her Mary Poppins with her umbrella & then I recall my favourite scene..
And lo & behold..there's a tea party on the ceiling with Uncle Albert!

Thank so much Pom Pom & Mags!!


  1. I am so looking forward to the Wind in the Willows characters bringing their book to my house - I am spring cleaning already and have arranged a place in the woods for them to visit and collect leaves, they will dine by candlelight in my conservatory and sleep on the best cushions. Can't wait! Bettyx

  2. I am overly eager and excited! I THINK they should arrive in Canada tomorrow, but I dying to see them pictured and can hardly bear the waiting!


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