Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tumbling Down Roses and Being Enough

It probably all began with a bit of a sag and then there was a bit of wobbling in the wind and then there was some slippage, after that there was more wind and finally a tumble right off the wall!!
They were nice old roses, growing on our sensibly high wall, grown so that we couldn't actually "see" the ugly Heinz Wattie factory that resides just a little too close for summer comfort over "there".  
 Larmarque was in the corner and sweetly scented. He would quite often bloom through the winter
 however, Marque unilaterally decided to become a rose "tree" and really, just had to go!
 Enough for a fire, quite soon, I should think.
Constance Spry has been rehabilitated quite nicely, but I am a little dubious about Alberic Barbier, whom, I believe grows on Sissinghurst Castle. I once read (after the rose was planted in my garden) that the annual pruning of castle-grown AB, required the collective energy of 3 men and an entire weeks effort to wrestle him in to shape!! At least the slipping event has cleared a lot of space. Room now for my peavine hay..makes such a useful mulch.
 I wondered why traffic was slowing just outside our house this week and it wasn't for the oranges out at the gate. No, it was for "ducks crossing"...slowly!
 Unusual & fascinating things can happen in spring, as the earth begins to redress Herself, petal by marvelous petal.
Last weekend, on my way home through Napier I came across other kinds of polished magnificence.
Rob tells me this beauty is a Ford.
 I wonder what is in the beautifully wrapped package on the back of this cabernet darling?
 I adore lilies, even the arrum kind. There is just something regal & dignified about their simple elegance.
 We have a pretty good selection of Op/thrift shops here in Hastings but nothing beats our Trade Me for the finding of unexpectedly wonderful blessings. More prisms!!! So reasonanbly "won" too..only worked out to be a few dollars each.
 We've had our beautiful lamp for nearly 30 years. It came with just the roses. We've added & changed round the prisms & as you can see Mr Clever has managed to fit a low energy light bulb in to the chimney part safely. He now has plans to make me some more Pollyanna strings of prisms to hang in more windows.
 Good chance to see the enormous amounts of dust lurking about..eek! & a pleasure to hand wash all the porcelain roses, aren't they precious.
 Yesterday morning we got up bright & early & headed off to a small church fair. I found this old hall runner for $2. It works quite well on the front porch..kind of makes it more of an outside room & the runner can be rolled up in a jiffy if needs be.
 I was attracted to these beautiful blue flowers. It is so generous of people to pick them from their own garden to sell. The lovely lady in the flower department was so amazed at my gratitude & enthusiasm that she gave me a second bunch for free..really $2!
 And so much joy!
 When I went in to town to collect our raw milk on Monday I called in to Seekers..a large warehouse that sells secondhand clothes..raising money for African charities. I always run through the curtain section. You just never know what fabric you might find. LIKE this "Roses & Peonies" Sanderson. There were two curtains, the lining not so great, so I cut that bit off, unpicked the hems, washed & ironed them & will sell one lot & make some pants out of the other. I love the soft colours. Sanderson made in to clothes wears & wears & wears....beautifully!
 I came across this old babies bath some months ago for $10 & contemplated using it to plant up with herbs, but changed my mind as it's quite a nice compact shape. Rob used his special rust stuff on the rough bits
 and I then painted it with a soft pink I've had for ages that I bought as a test pot.
You know all those wee bits of fabric that you just can't quite throw away? Well this is exactly what they are useful for! Oh dear all the outdoor furniture need a good wash again!

That's why I rather warm to this great poster.
There are sooo many bombarding messages that tell us daily we are not enough..I've had a week full of them, but I am holding myself to a standard of grace. Do you ever feel like that? I am enough & so are's truly, truly, true.
Have a lovely week. 


  1. I've got that Sanderson fabric. I have some hanging up on the door in our lounge, as well as some on a roll that I bought in a charity shop. I hadn't thought of making clothing from it - what a great idea!

    Your outdoor seat looks very similar to our one as well, painted the same colour too. :-)

    Love the enamel bowl, looks great after its makeover.

    Have a lovely week.

  2. Your found that runner at a church fair *faints* I L.O.V.E it so much!
    Your place never ceases to amaze me, so much beauty, I'm so glad you share it with us x

  3. You are amazing and VERY inspirational!
    Your house looks like a storybook home!
    Well, those ducks came by to see Katie, the Lover of Beauty!
    I'm so happy that I know you. You are a smile-bringer. Thank you for the birthday wishes, friend!

  4. Reading this post was a breath of fresh spring air ! Love the colour you painted the baby bath.

  5. Oh no, your tumbled down roses reminds me that something has to be done about our willow tree that leans out across our driveway (it really does lean - poor mutant thing). One reasonably thick limb now hangs so low, it's about a cm above the roof of the car... :/
    Love what you did with the baby bath, I wish I could be motivated enough to carry through when I buy things with the thought in mind to upcycle!
    Last note before the kids realise I've stolen some computer time... Your garden looks beautiful!

  6. Oh quite sad about the the crystal droplets, I have them hanging in my lounge window, makes me happy to see the rainbows. Love the carpet, your terrace is just lovely. Have a lovely week
    Sophie xx

  7. Oh my! Look how everything is coming along! The pictures are fantastic! The one of the lily with the sun streaming through is a beautiful visual. As I'm writing I can see your Forget- me - not book...:) I'm imagining your bayleaves hanging in the shed. Sigh!
    Lots of hugs,


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