Friday, 3 February 2012

If Only...

Last year when I was working at Port'O'call for a week or two I fell in love with this gorgeously reproduced vintage card work. Every piece was just delightful. I could have bought it all!
I chose to admire it in the shop & actually managed to restrain myself from a purchase as it was a little pricey at the time. Imagine my delight when I spotted the now familiar loveliness on Trade Me some months later. Even then, I just looked & commented & admired until....! Rob asked me if there was anything that I might particularly fancy for my birthday.
 Well actually...yes there is! So with permission & purpose I duly bought this lovely bag. What a sweet surprise it was when Pam...the wonderful creator of such loveliness...phoned me from Wairoa (2 hours windy drive away) & offered to come through the very next day & show me all of her work so that I could choose the pieces I loved the most!
 The little vintage card box on the left is an old sweetie I've had for some time.
So eventually I chose quite a number of items with other gift giving in mind
 and thought that you might like to see it all too, for inspiration or if you're local-ish & you're enamored you could catch up with Pam yourself...she is such a treasure. You can email her here if you'd like to or me for further details. As it turned out, I bought all of the above for less than the price of one bag at the "shop" & I was able to spend time with a kind, clever & gentle artist...such a delight.
 Our lovely Good Magazine is out once again. Worth a look online even. Lots of vintage styling, fair trade & "green" information.
 Isn't this the dreamiest looking dessert setting? It's not just the food... it's how it all looks that makes the difference.
 There's something just so appealing about homemade cordial. The pink version is rhubarb bubbly.
I have come home to pink again!
I think that every Monday I shall pick some flowers to begin the week with loveliness.
 These books were 10 cents each at the SPCA shop. It's the covers that especially took my fancy.
 I had to wind up my gardening slightly early last Friday due to rain, so took the chance to call in to The Mart in Havelock North. I just love it when you find a treasure & you think gosh that's a great price & then they say...oh that was quick...I've only just put that out in the shop!
 A gorgeous kauri cash box for $30. Perfect for the comings & goings of our community fruit sales at the gate .
Some of you dear readers I know, are suffering from twinges of the winter doldrums, so I thought I would brighten up your day with a few summery images like this pretty alstroemeria.
Souvenir d'un Ami flowering up the cherry tree...again!
 A gentle, graceful friend.
 These Aussie mangoes are the nicest mangoes we've ever been able to buy. Aren't they the most gorgeous, luscious colour? They taste just heavenly too!

If you have a minute do watch this sweet video by Georgia Germein.
Three happy girls in their pretty vintage frocks out biking & picnicking in the countryside..singing the simplest of sentiments...If Only...we all shared everything..the world would be a better place!

Thanks so much for visiting.
 Have a lovely weekend dear friends.


  1. Oh, so many lovely things to look at. The bag and other work is beautiful.
    Liz @ shortbread & Ginger

  2. How beautiful all those items are, it would be difficult to choose only one, no wonder you got them all!

  3. Hi Katie-Nana! Oh, lovely bags, mangoes, and another lovely video. Thank you! It is snowing heaps and heaps here, but I have the day off from school! Woo hoo!

  4. Oh yes indeedy, I have a touch of the doldrums and your colourful post has really brightened things up. Thankyou!

  5. Really, lovely sweet finds.

  6. What a feast of gorgeousness! And Happy Birthday!


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