Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Best of Friends

Hello best of friends!
It is so nice to see you!
Thank you for being my saving grace.
 I am really struggling with my health again at the moment, but knowing that you are there & that I can visit with you makes all the difference to my getting through the week in tact, just now.
I am working closely with a lovely homeopath & continuing all my "nourishing traditions" & trying hard to believe that I will come through this strange time (eventually) enriched, empowered, humbled, more compassionate & knowing a lot more stuff! I am reading that menopause can be a transformational time for many woman. I think, that for some of us, it is the time to take stock of many things, including the impact of the past on our emotional & physical health & to find new ways of moving beyond the dumb legacies. I am going to become a wise woman called "Katie the Gatherer" ; ) instead. The biggest challenge for me, just now is anxiety, depression & ridiculously sore teeth..that almost never let up. So weird!
 I am, however, a gatherer (in case you hadn't noticed) & I am so glad to have a pile of choko to eat through these chilly autumn evenings. Sometimes I don't feel like eating much but these yummy vegetables that my friend Ruth has grown, are just delicious. The name seems to be a bit of a stumbling block for many people. Chayote, another of their handles, doesn't overly improve the situation much. They taste like a firm kamo kamo or very tasty zucchini. I used my peeler to make strips & cooked them with a little butter & leeks the other night & that was yummy.
The textured green things are another gatherer find..unnamed, probably best not eaten!
 Kaitiaki is coming to visit on Mondays for a while after school while his mother is busy.
That's good 'cos Pop has a day off on Mondays & he can help Kai with his favourite subject..maths!
This week the help was aided by an abacus & a brussel sprout.
 For $2 from the Farmer's Market & with a double life & purpose that seems pretty good value to me.
Luckily Pop adores brussel sprouts...& so do I.
 Isn't this the sweetest idea.
I found it in the first few pages of my April Country Living magazine.
Could easily be made as a brooch too don't you think?
 Rob immediately spotted our new colanders cousin, a page or two over..
 What's the story with the handle on the inside do you reckon?
I am loving our sweet persimmons. Very yummy for lunch.
 Aren't they nice & bright & happy?
 Aren't pears just huggable!
I found some Taylor's Gold this week.
Sometimes I admire them too long & forget to eat them in time.
 My best tree of all is my guava.
Such a great small evergreen tree & the birds even leave the fruit alone.
 I have other friends though.
But then my other favourite autumn fruit is the feijoa.
I am always so sad when the season is over.
I wander round & round under the tree for weeks afterwards hoping for one last little fruit to fall out of the tree.
 They really are moreish.
I shouldn't have wandered off & left this lot alone!
 They are delicious with figs too..especially with a drizzle of honey & a splash of rosewater & then leave to macerate for half an hour or so (hidden if necessary).
 One of the funnest, most useful things I have found in ages are these vintage enamel egg poachers.
 I just love them & they make a fabulous job of my eggs.
Yes, a bit watery on the plate I know, but it was delicious.
 This vintage Sanderson made it's way to my house this week. I adore the richness of the colours.
I just need to get over myself & get on & make some cushions with it now...after I wash out the old musty smell.
 We walked down at Pakowhai Country Park again this morning.
 Everyone else seems to have a dog or two in tow..
they sure come in all shapes & sizes.
The sausage dog was too far away for a photo ; )
It was a very crisp
  but beautiful morning.
 Well, best of friends...aren't these little ones so sweet?
The book was a discard at the library.
I was so delighted to find it...& for 50c.
I felt as if I had been given a special gift, just for me.
That I can also share with you : )

I'll show you some more of the pictures another time.
Thanks so much for dropping by to see me.
Hope you have a lovely week.


  1. Hello Gathering Katie!
    I hope you are feeling better very soon, friend!
    You're doing a good job of treating your wonderful self gently, with fresh NZ fruits and such.
    I think we need some poetry. Knitting and poetry will be my summer elixir.

  2. Yours is a soul to cherish, Gathering K, and I'm glad you're cherishing and nourishing it so well! I wish you really could visit- I'm going to put the kettle on after this and sip tea with a rug over my knees in the garden and say a little prayer for your health and strength and song. At least in your Autumn you could imagine blankets but this is supposed to be the height of our Spring!! RE the inside handle, I don't know, but I have often thought that such a thing would be a good thing when attempting to drain my heavy stock pot and remain un-scalded!

  3. I haven't had any fresh b. sprouts this year so far, i love them too and like them soggy and overcooked the enlish school dinners way or stir fried with chestnuts and bacon the delia way! Hoping your symptoms ease up and you have a wonderful week x

  4. I followed a link to your blog from 'Her Library Adventures'. What a blessing! I love the things you share & how you write - it is beautiful! I'll be following through Google reader so I won't miss any posts.

    I'm in the western edge of the Ozark mtns in the middle of the US. The textured green fruit in the second pic look like what we call hedge apples here. We also call them osage orange. Who knows if they grow where you are, I'm not familiar with most of the other fruit you mention here.

    I hope your health improves but even if you aren't able to post often I'll be reading. :o)

  5. Hello dear friend, sorry to hear you are having a rough time of things at the moment, as someone who has also suffered similar problems I do feel for you and hope that you can rise above it all soon a much stronger person. Look after yourself and don't put too much pressure on to you. Remember what a beautiful place you live in :-) I'm sure you do as your gorgeous photos and wonderful words always reflect this.

  6. Hello sweet Catherine, I love your gorgeous blog, beautiful photos and your sweet and loving words! I am so sorry to hear you are struggling with your health dearest. I will keep you in my prayers! I am so glad you have a lovely homeopath to work with and are keeping up with your nourishing traditions way of eating. You will come through this difficult time! The Lord is with your through it all. I pray He will bring your heart peace and your body healing and help you to deal with the anxiety and depression one day at a time. I am sorry your teeth are sore too! I hope your homeopath can help you with that and with everything that is going on. Do take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Your veggies look yummy. Wow, look at that brussel sprout! It looks like Kaitiaki has plenty to count! :) Yes, that is a very pretty idea. I love nicely wrapped packages. The fabric flower on top is just lovely! Love the colander. I, too, wonder why the handle is on the inside. Those persimmons look very good, bright and happy! I love pears too. Your guava tree is beautiful. I have never seen one before. The praying mantis is cute! I have never seen feijoa either! They look so good with the figs. I love figs! That is the neatest egg poacher and your dinner looks very delicious!I look forward to seeing the cushions you make with your vintage fabric sweetie. You have a very beautiful place to walk. I am glad you enjoyed the nice autumn weather. Yes, the little ones are very sweet saying their prayers. I am glad you found it dear heart. Thank you for sharing! The illustrations and writing are really a treasure! I hope you have a lovely week too! Much love to you! xo~Paula

  7. Hello Catherine, so very sorry to hear your are feeling so out of sorts. Yes I sympathise with the menopause symptoms - it is a difficult time for us all and we all seem to react differently. I find my little bottle of rescue remedy a great help when the anxiety symptoms kick in and those black clouds come across. Do hope your homeopath can offer some relief for you. Have just picked brussell sprouts myself for tea tonight & also enjoying our persimmons but have to beat the birds to them. ADORE your egg poachers and also the Sanderson fabric - look forward to seeing what you create with it. Wishing you an anxiety free week dear heart. Much love & friendship, Julie X x x x

  8. Hello Katie. I find the whole brussel sprout maths concept completely fascinating, and very Kaitiaki!
    Sorry to hear the black dog may be paying you a visit. But you are right, as one door closes another one opens. it just takes a while till you spot the chink of light.
    Meanwhile I suppose you just continue to gather. Lots of love.

  9. Dearest Gathering Katie
    just when we seem to be enjoying life, Mother Nature reminds us just who is in charge...
    Hormones are fickle things at the best of times, but menopausal ones we can well do without.

    You're doing all the right things - HANG IN THERE!!!
    Sore teeth sounds awful - I googled it and was surprised to read it may not be hormonal at all but, connected with Sinus - FYI here is the link:

    Let me know what you think!

    Take care my dear friend, thinking of you.

    much love
    PS I just love all your gathering spoils!

  10. Hi there, I was going to comment on your latest post, but decided this one would be better - first of all I do feel for you - I have just finished off with the menopause and do know how up and down it can be - i would urge you to do some self healing; literally put your hands on your self and imagine anything negative floating away like smoke - do some meditational stuff and you will feel so much better. You had some lovely pictures in your post and a good positive attitude. Good for you!


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