Sunday, 13 May 2012

Motheringly, Sunday

Happy, happy day all my sweet mother friends!!
You are precious & wonderful!
I serenade you with birdsong!
I feel so blessed every time a Tui visits my garden..
and even more delighted when I find that he has brought a Bellbird friend along to sing his little heart out with him!
I have made delicious figs in your honour,
They are gently simmered in the juice of an orange, two tablespoons of honey & a vanilla pod for around 45 mins (lid on for first half hour). Then pop them in the oven as low as it will go (or around 75 degrees C) for the day, or overnight.
The result is a little bit different each time..sometimes the figs are very juicy so there is more "sauce"...that becomes sticky & so delicious! There are lots of other variations you could make up like adding cardomom or ginger. These will last for a couple of weeks in the fridge if you hide them well enough! I think I might try putting some figs in the freezer so that we don't have to eat them all now.
Autumn colours take my breath away.
Oh look..the Bellbird returned to the front garden. I have never seen one in town before.
When I popped into The Greendoor, garden centre last week I was greeted at the door by this glorious display.
Isn't that honour of mothers!
This cheery little face has been lovingly handpainted. It must have taken ages!
I love Kate Greenaway...isn't this sweet?
Look at the cat. 
A rose for you sweetly scented.
 I found this rose elixir tutorial yesterday.
 I've made a tiny jar as I only have a few scented roses left.
Of all my 4392 pins on Pinterest the pictures most commented on are of here's a bunch for you. It's especially French. I hope you can smell it.
This is the sweetest little video of a mother & her daughter..a song
 by Claire Holley called Another Day.
Alisa this song is most especially for you..the bravest Mumma I know.
 I hope those kiddos spoil you & hug you to bits today.

I appreciate you all so much.
 Hugs, kisses & much beauty to you all.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hello Sweetie Pie!
    Oh. My. Goodness. The figs! They are lovely! Thank you!
    Wait until you see the toadstool Wendy house! I'm going to take a few shots in the morning light first.
    I'm so glad I'm a mother. Motherhood transformed me. A miracle!

  2. Hello Catherine,
    Happy Mums Day to you also :-)
    Thank you for the rose elixir recipe - am keen to try a batch also.
    Those figs look soooo delicious.
    Enjoy your week dear heart. Love & hugs, Julie X x x :-)

  3. I have never had figs. *random fact*

    thankyou for the beautiful song. Its charming.

    Ive had a lovely mothers day. Lovely kiddos, beautiful friend visiting, yummy snacks and an ice cream eating stroll with my kiddos.

    I hope your day was lovely also Catherine.


  4. Dearest Catherine
    Bonne fête des Mères!!!
    I've just done a Mothers Day (of sorts) post too!!!

    My son popped in with "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL" card - it was the words that got me.....

    Take care
    Shane oxo

  5. I'm not a fig fan but these look like they could change my mind!


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