Sunday, 28 October 2012

Angel Wings & The Dingle Dangle Birds

 I love my angel wings..
 so much so, I now have two sets.
They are more gold than the plainer amber depression glass.
They are so lovely to have at Christmas time. I've popped them over at a Vintage Picnic for hire.
I feel sure that they would be a delightful for any special occasion..even a Tiny Tea Party.
 This dear little tablecloth I found at the Hospice Shop on Saturday & the two cups I spied for $1 each on Trade Me. They are "Gay Ware" & almost perfectly match the two lonely saucers that we had already gathered.
These cushions seemed just the thing for picnkicking when we came across them at the market in Napier a couple of weeks ago.
 I  bought the "dingle dangle birds" as a gift but I am finding them quite delightful out in the larder presently, so I think they may stay awhile. Aren't they so cleverly simple & sweet. I bought them at Co Co & Co opposite Cornucopia our organics shop.
 I really should have kept this tea cosy (well I realise that now!) but at least I have some photos.
What imagination!
I bought a bundle of old linen from a lady at a car boot sale recently. It had all belonged to her mother & elderly aunt. I was quite fascinated by this particular piece as it is knitted in the centre & then finished off in crochet. I've not ever come across that before have you?
 I have made another couple of luscious jam jar covers. They looked so lovely sitting with these roses.
It's quite annoying that my camera appears not to share my tastes. It stubbornly balks at these deep rose pink colours. Very rude I must say.
Although, if the light is right it is sometimes happy to oblige. 
Sparrieshoop is a lovely single gently climbing rose.
 I am so glad that Colleen (at one of garden places)...funny that I've made friends with her... planted these foxgloves at the edge of the car park.
 I once planted a Betchel's Crab but it got something funny & had to go, which was very sad.
I still think that it's the best flowering apple blossom...
so pretty!

 I love the scent of honeysuckle it's such a summer hedgerow sort of plant.
Of course it should always be grown in someone else's garden.
 Alberic Barbier is a good rose for wall growing..although I wonder why most of the old style climbing  roses only ever flower once?
 I feel certain that this iris is made from a special kind of tissue paper.
When you plant something in just the right possy you really do often get a better result.
This iris is planted in hard dry soil in full sun, jammed up against an old tree stump & as happy as Larry.
This grannybonnet has evidently been cavorting with a wind mill.
 An this campanula is really a fairy hat but don't tell anyone will you...the fairies will be cross & people might come & steal them.
 We have such yummy navel oranges here & they seem to have gone on & on for months this year. No marmalade (sorry Rob..too busy) but it's easy to pop the skins in to a big jar of white vinegar.
After two weeks or up to two months just strain off the now thoroughly citrusy vinegar & pour it in to a spray bottle. The cheapest, most wonderfully fragrant all-purpose cleaner! I also have a sugar castor with baking soda in it...shake, shake, spray, spray & you'll create fizzing magic that cuts through anything.
The discarded rind is, of course, quite pickled itself at the end of the process & very nice finely chopped & added to pork etc.
Maisy & Grace are on to it & been making it themselves
 The girls have some great ideas for things in jars this month including this variation of the old gingernut & cream dessert recipe.
Reminiscent of the gingernut log we used to have in the 80s (at The Old Flame Restaurant) - but these make up perfectly in our 8oz Quilted Jelly delish!

Twin pack of Griff
ins Gingernuts
1 cup orange juice
Shot of brandy (optional)
500ml cream - or half cream/half marscapone cream
1 teaspoon icing sugar
Vanilla beans or essence
Few bits of chocolate

Beat cream/s together with icing sugar and vanilla.
Mix brandy with orange juice and pour into a bowl.
Layer up starting with cream at the bottom, and alternating with a gingernut soaked in the orange juice mixture for 5 seconds each side. These jars will fit 6 layers of cream and 5 gingernuts perfectly.
Chill for at least 4 hours before serving - the gingernuts will become soft and sponge-like, and expand a little.
Sprinkle with smashed gingernuts and chocolate just before serving.
Makes 7 (if using smashed gingernuts on top), or 8 servings.
So good!!

Isn't this the dearest little angel!
You can find the pattern here if you're interested.
I'm going to have a try of one this week. 

 via Magnolia Pearl

Well, I certainly count you as one of my blessings. Thank you so much for coming to see me!!
Have a lovely week.


  1. Love the flower photos. The gingersnap dessert sounds lovely!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I am reading your blog while spending our extra hour in bed (end of British Summer Time, so the clocks have gone back one hour) and it has been like reading a magazine with so many lovely things to look at.. Love all the flower pictures ours are all gone now and we are wading through drifts of gorgeous Autumn leaves. Happy Sunday

  3. I loved the little teddy tea cosy - it's so sweet. The pic of foxgloves is beautiful I am so fond of them - I would have been tempted to pick them! Such a lovely post and the gingersnap desert sounds yummy. Betty

  4. Oh, I like that Maisy and Grace now, too! I learn a lot from you, GK! Your flowers are so lovely. I can't wait until the Christmas oranges come. Oh, and Ruby Red grapefruits! Delicious!
    Your picnic collections are growing in many beautiful ways!

  5. Lovely as always here, i especially love the picnic tea pot cosy!!! And like you i'm enjoying the apple blossom. Have a lovely, flowery week x

  6. Hi Catherine, the angel wing depressions glass pieces are gorgeous. I have not seen them before. I love Vintage Picnic, its such a wonderful idea, and I wish you all the best. Tam x

  7. Hello Catherine, a lovely dreamy post full of beautiful pics. The roses are beautiful - still waiting for mine to come out properly. I do have foxgloves in flower tho. I love that teacosy - the vintage linen was a good purchase too. I have made those "dingle dangle" birds before from felt but they look lovely in the blanketing. I LOVE the ideas from Maisie & Grace & I have printed off the crochet angel pattern to ask my friend Joyce to make me some - they would look SO lovely tied onto little christmas parcels also :-) Thankyou for all the ideas & inspiration, Hugs,Love - Julie :-) Xox

  8. Catherine - those gorgeous angel wings - where did you find them and are they glass?
    Did you make that darling tea cosy, it's so sweet with the little teddy bear and other little bits.
    YOU find the most special things everywhere you go dear Catherine, I hope we can have a day shopping together sometime...
    oh and if only I lived close by and could pop in to see your lovely garden!
    Shane ♥

  9. I'm always so late posting a comment, just not enough time these days....what gorgeous blooms, and yes I think the dingle dangle birds should stay, infact ever body should have some, don't you think? hugs and love from over here xx Sophie x

  10. Dear Catherine,

    Divine flowers. Oh, those foxgloves are heavenly and remind me so very much of Little Grey Rabbit And The Weasels (the foxgloves ring like bells to warn Little Grey Rabbit that the weasels are in the vicinity).

    Catherine, we are all in a flurry at the moment preparing for my father's ninetieth birthday celebration in England. I just wanted to slip quietly in and say I have added you to my blog list as I cannot bear to miss another one of your uplifting posts.

    Stay happy dear Catherine,



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