Monday, 15 October 2012

One Day I Woke Up & There Was More To Love..

More flowers, more blossom, more bird song, more beauty...
more spring!
 And my friend, Ruth bought to me the most precious gift in all the world...
a little posy of lily-of-the-valley.
 Can you smell it?
The scent is just so divine.
I've sniffed & sniffed these little bells & kept them close by so as to not miss a single waft of loveliness.
 They are just so lovely with lilac flowers too.
 Look who I found in one of my gardens last week, stuffing his little face with elm blossoms, chaotically slipping off branches as he gorged. It's always such a treat to find a native wood pigeon here in New Zealand. They are just so plump & beautiful. I was talking to Margaret, my lovely neighbour yesterday & she told me that Kereru are known to get so carried away with their feasting that they literally drop to the ground...satiated.
The elegantly draped clusters of wisteria can be seen all around our neighbourhood this week...including next door.
 Spring flowers are just so delicious!
 These roses...Madame Isaac Pereire & Winsome have that gorgeous old-fashioned fragrance about them that fills the air with a heady feeling of romance & hope.
 Foxgloves have always enchanted me..
 it seems a few furry others also agree..
 Ethel (from just round the corner) described this as the "common" foxglove the other day but I think I love it quite the best myself.
 At the hospice shop we found a lovely red retro reason it couldn't be used for a picnic we thought. Quite romantic in fact. So we gathered all our red picnic bits just to see.
 I also found this sweetly, perfect picnic dress.
It has no sleeves so I had to wear a cardi as it's certainly not summer just yet.
We've added a 50c pack of vintage cards to the basket of picnic fun..
 and a retro puzzle..well some people like to be kept occupied even on picnics!
 On Saturday morning we were out walking in our neighbourhood when we accidentally stumbled upon a garage sale. I found this darling little forgotten teddy in a box of junk. Can you believe she is made of vintage Sanderson.
 Dear aunty Shirley has made us some delicious knitted tea cosies. I love the pink one that you can see squeezed in beside Ted. I am crocheting some wild roses to decorate it...ooh it's going to be so lovely.
 After blossom, my very next best spring joy is asparagus. I eat it every day until suddenly, it is gone again. I have decided that this old fridge container makes a perfect asparagus keeper.
I thought you might enjoy this vintage postcard, kindly made available for free by Holy Card Heaven
 This lovely bouquet comes from The Graphics Fairy...also freely available for use.

 Thank you so much for visiting!!
I do hope that your week is filled with loveliness & green growing things.



  1. Oh thank you for sharing your spring flowers. Just what I needed on a wet autumn day.

  2. Your breath of spring air is very welcome here as the temperatures drop, and you have even included my two favourite flowers foxgloves and roses.

  3. YOU look like the picnic princess, dear Gathering Katie!
    I love your dress! AND shoes!
    I loved that song from the SMASH book video and I bought the album. I am enjoying it and singing here just as you are singing there, "One day I woke up and there was more to love . . . "
    Sending love your way, flower girl!

  4. Your Spring is obviously ahead of ours here in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne. I have at least a solitary bud on a rose bush and the foxgloves are about to flower. I did spy one little sweet pea flower today which was very exciting. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world.
    Anne xx

  5. Hawkes Bay Spring is way ahead of Auckland.
    I haven't got one rose out in flower yet - Mme Issac Periere is divine isn't she, with such a wonderful fragrance.
    LOve your sweet floral dress to Catherine - you look a picture of Spring too.
    Shane ♥

  6. Catherine, I can *almost* smell those lily of the valley beautiful!
    Your picnic sounds wonderful and your dress is lovely...would love to go on that picnic with you.

  7. Hello at last Catherine - have had no internet all week so had lots of missed posts to catch up on from all my "favourites". Beautiful lily of the valley flowers :-) I LOVE your new picnic dress - a most lovely photo of you - wish I was that photogenic!! I cant believe you have roses out already - I think maybe I pruned mine a little too severe this year as just beginning to bud up now. I also think foxgloves & all those old fashioned flowers are my very favourites. Loving your little teddy purchase. Thankyou for a beautiful post, havent forgotten to send you the verse I promised - just a few internet problems - much love/hugs, Julie :-) Xox


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