Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Butterfly Cakes and a Frog

Isn't joy infectious!
 I love this picture so much...it's part of the cover of one of our Good magazines.
Childlike unfettered joy is such a liberty.
So many adults seem to misplace theirs along the raggedy pathway of life.
But it can be reinstated...if you want it
 & you're prepared to practice
 & not worry about what other people think!
I plan to spend the rest of my years learning joy & practicing child-like wonder...how about you?
I think, maybe, joy is most likely found in the simple things..
All our blossom trees have come bursting forth this week.
 It's the school holidays at the moment.
The young girl across the road was selling flowers on Monday, outside her Nanna's ..she's saving up for a skateboard. Aren't they beautiful!
 I can't believe her mother sacrificed so many of her garden flowers for her daughter to sell..
 even some orchids in amongst them.
 We had a marvelous time out at St Columbus Church Fair on Saturday morning.
We found so many useful & quaint things...like my chippy paint vintage frog & lots of vintage thermoses (ok then, what's the plural of thermos?).
 I've also found some beautiful Edwardian cloths in the last couple of weeks.
This one was labelled as a tablecloth & did have large blobs of candle wax on it but it fits our 3/4 bed beautifully as a bedspread.
All the embroidery is hand done & the quality of the linen is superb.
 Some things you may only stumble upon once in a life time, like this exquisite Royal Doulton teapot.
 It came with a tiny sugar bowl milk jug & dish...perhaps from a breakfast set?
The whole lot was only $23..the teapot has a chip on the spout but that means that it can be used for flowers which is just fine too.
In our Trade Me scourings for picnicware I came across these fabulous duraware bowls.
David felt we should make some guacamole with the abundance of ripe avocados we had yesterday...good idea so as not to waste them...um, we ate the rest.
 Oh yum, the first of the strawberries were to be found at the Farmers' Market this morning and these wonderful lemon tarts at "Entice". Of course we had to taste test them..I think we may have found the perfect tiny tea party & picnic food.
I bought a $2 wooden plate rack recently & rearranged all (ah, cough...some of) my pretty plates.
It's so nice to be able to see them all & use them easily.
When we went to the Botanical Gardens in Napier last Sunday for a picnic we were so enchanted by the proliferation of white doves..
 and a few odd bods.
 The gardens are nestled in a very steep gully.
On the eastern side is a very old small cemetery. It is a fascinating place to wander, most of it predating the catastrophic earthquake of 1931.

There's a lovely view from the angel's sentinel spot.
 I love this little shelter for visitors.
 Except, I really wanted to go & get a bucket of hot soapy water & give it a good scrub down...poor old thing.
Just as we came over the bridge on the motorway on the journey home I saw this stunning sight..both apple blossom but wildly different colours.
I went to a party today.
There were tiny butterfly cakes.
Do you remember those?
They make me smile.
They taste like childhood & babies kisses.
 My niece Jaimee bought her two day old mallard duckling with her.
His name is Quackers.
 Last I saw, her father was attempting to liberate Quackers from up Jaimee's sleeve, then it was back to his little hot water bottle.
 I've been thinking a lot lately about the fact that we get to choose a great deal more than we actually think we do. Values are like joy they're contagious too.
Jaimee's mother gave me the most extra-ordinary gift this week..joyous enthusiasm for our AVintage Picnic. I am so grateful!! What a difference we can make for one another.
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Thank you for all your kind, sweet comments & encouragement..we both feel so blessed!



  1. Fabulous post - especially the last picture! Love the idea of the wooden plate rack for showing off your vintage plates! Simple, but really effective - I know what I'll be looking for in the charity shops now!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Great post, as always!
    I'll pop in later to look more and comment more!
    Sending LOVE to you, GK!

  3. What beautiful flowers, and I love the china.

  4. The flowers, the chipped frog, the pretty plates...such a beautiful post full of lovely things.
    Anne xx

  5. I love your posts and this one was worth the wait - wish you would post more often! Lovely thoughts to go through the week with - you have reminded me to see things with new eyes and not old tired ones. Hope your neighbours daughter gets her skateboard - her mums flowers are beautiful, we dont often see orchids in gardens in the UK - we get a lot important to supermarkets - as a child I remember a collector who grew a whole greenhouse of orchids and heated it to the perfect temperature - I was allowed to go and look but felt disappointed - there was too much beauty all in one place and it was contrived and labelled and not lovely at all - I came away feeling sad but not knowing why - I know now! less is more! Next time I buy an orchid I will think of that little girls skateboard I think. I love your teapot set and your linen - what fabulous finds. Blessings to you Betty

  6. I wish we could bottle childrens laughter and joy - to bring out on a rainy day to cheer us up!
    Everything is looking very Spring like at your house dear Catherine and I can see by the amount of plates you are well and truly ready for your picnic business.

    I'm in love with your 'tablecloth' - I would use it as a bed cover too - wonderful embroidery, such a treasure and I'm happy it has found a caring home!
    Shane ♥

  7. The flowers are beautiful and looks like Spring is going to be fabulous. You're right, that little building does need a good scrub -smile-.

  8. Hello Catherine - a most beautiful post - I ADORE your plate collection & feel like hunting out an old wooden plate rack to display my few china plates! ! Yes old chipped frog looks most at home tucked up there. Do you know about ironing brown paper over the candlewax marks & they SHOULD come out of your bedspread??(or maybe your have done this already). We have that blossom flowering here also & I stood under it yesterday to enjoy it. I have the most loveliest verse that goes with your last picture there, if you liked I could email it to you. Oh & by the way - I do hope the little girl got her skateboard as I think her mum deserves a medal for those flowers. I too would've purchased some from her :-) Loving thoughts, Julie Xox

  9. Lemon tarts, angels, and a rack of pretty plates; once again you are pulling at my heartstrings... especially the lemon tart ;-)

    Dear Catherine, my thoughts flit across the seas to you so frequently (yes, yes; I do believe in kindred spirits!) that I sometimes forget to leave a written trace of my fondness for you and your blog.

    Keep bringing us spring, Catherine, and I promise I will practise being more carefree like a child again!



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