Sunday, 13 June 2010

Kaitiaki, Kapai and Number Five Joy Street

Quite recently, Kaitiaki came to visit.
 His mum had work to do. 
No sooner had he arrived than Kapai turned up
He had a bit of trouble up the side of that pot though.
By the way Kapai means well done, very good : )
Quite soon, we made some fizzy
"Tastes like chicken!" said he
Pop decided to move some fruit crates & a boy

Up & down the drive they
 went & even across the road
 to Audrey's
while I carried her fruit

It was so much fun..thanks Pop!
Yesterday Kaitiaki & his mum took me to the
 Book Fair at Colenso College in Napier.
What a fantastic idea to recycle books round the community
& raise money for a good cause.
That way books can be available to everybody.
I found the most fascinating children's book entitled
It was given to Margaret for Xmas in 1931 by her 
aunty Peg : ) 
I just love the first story entitled Mr Cupboard or, 
the Furniture's Holiday
What a gorgeous colour plate!
Well now, back to the really is the everyday things that
matter most..I am so loving capturing things that 
we will otherwise soon forget
...a four year old playing
 very soon his mum came & took him home


Thanks so much for your stories, emails, comments & encouragement!
Hope you've had a good week : )
As you might have noticed I am having a bit of trouble with my fonts.
Sometimes Blogger comes along with changes & I seem to get all
just a bit messed up!


  1. I so love your stories about Kaitiaki. He is such a character. I wish we'd had blogging when our kids were little, don't you?
    Presume you are all having the big 21st celebration this weekend. Enjoy!

  2. Lovely post. We look after our grandson aged 3 two days a week. What a joy they are! And they keep you toung. Love the book, just my sort of thing.


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