Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Vintage Inspired Calendar for June and Other Vintage Finds.

I am so loving this inspired & delightful calendar.

One of my lovely finds this last week was in fact this very chic 
vintage pattern & the pretty pink crocheted doily.
I took this photo before turning the page of the calendar : )

It was bit soggy here last week, to say the least, so I found myself
with a little more time inside than usual & since Rob was working
5 afternoons I had a lovely time sorting through my doily hatbox..
one I did a revamp on a little while ago

  some simple decoupage on the lid

only it wasn't long before my hatbox found itself commandeered & repurposed

I was delighted to accidently discover the relocated 
"Habit for Humanity" Op Shop in it's re-opening week. 
They have come in to town & are now just around the
corner from "Connections" our wonderful Hospice shop.
At H for H I found this really interesting afternoon tea cloth.
It has come up really nicely with a good soak.

I am always on the look out for pretty vintage cotton sheets
& thought that I might make some bunting out of the various
stripes & florals.
  I am sure that they would flutter very happily in the breeze
being well used to all that breeziness in a previous life.
I found the stripe on the chair this week.
& these pretties came as a pair : )
ah, but getting the washing dry is a wee bit of a challenge in the rain 
so out came our wooden clothes rack.
Of course Moja thinks it's a hut just for him.

a truly versatile & multi purpose apparatus
it has many uses indeed !

Much love Catherine X


  1. Love those pretty linens and especially the wooden clothes hanger - where did you get it???

  2. I love seeing Kaitiaki pop up in your blog. He is such a character.
    Love your pattern and doily pics.
    They are really compelling vignettes. What lovely finds.

  3. Oh, I'm loving your blog! Cats, vintage linens, and an lovely calendar much like the one that's inspiring me with a new vignette each month of 2010...

    I shall be back to see more of what you get up to.


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