Monday, 14 June 2010

Vintage Finds and The Very Brave Garden

 I just have to show you the dear little crocheted,  beaded
 jug covers that I found on trade me recently

I always loved the tinkingly sound that they made
 at Nan's house when I was little.
Back at the "Restore" shop I found these
 dear little slippers this week.
Really comfy too : )

At the Salies I came across the loveliest little platter
& for a "song"
I have a cake plate in the same pattern only
it's square

Thinking of hydrangeas I am so impressed with the
 dogged bravery & determination of the garden,
it's persistent joyous denial of winter

 Mutabilis "the butterfly rose" flowers over & 
over again just outside our bedroom window.
On a sunny day, with a little breeze,
the fragrance of sweet peas wafts in on
scented wings.. although probably not
today as it's only 10 degrees!

I took all these shots this week
Monsieur Tillier bottom left, Duchess de Brabant right
Quintessence camelia in the centre &
  Souvenir dun Ami climbs through the cherry tree
 as it continues to lose it's
 leaves in glorious autumn splendour.
I love the light that comes with the low winter sun
I captured this one sunny day last week

I just love this vintage
American chenille bedspread

Moja so kindly offered to pose for me
in the garden on the little white
table amidst the crabapples
another visit to the vet this morning
poor boy has FIV
patched up again for a little while yet we hope


  1. Such lovely jug pretty and different...lucky you finding those.

    Such a pretty post. The garden is looking lovely. Mind you, you do live in a good area for a delayed winter don't you?!

  2. Some lovely finds! The Chenille bedspread is just gorgeous.

  3. Hello over there ** insert wave **...!!

    LOVE those sweet little jug covers....I ALSO enjoy the sweet tinkle they make as they're moved on & off the jugs they cover....!!

    The chenille is GORGEOUS & your puss is BEAUTIFUL....I'm sorry he's unwell....!

    Cheers from OZ,
    Tamarah :o)

  4. What a beautiful winter you ar having! It looks better than our soggy French summer, at the moment...

    You've found some lovely things recently, too.

  5. What lovely jug covers, so different. I love your blog too.
    kind regards, Shirley

  6. All very, very pretty.
    Hope your cat is feeling a bit better.


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