Friday, 4 June 2010

Winter Rain and Rainbows

Well it rained & rained....
I coughed & coughed..all night long for a week.
I thought it would never stop.
Having retired to the "parlour"..well stumbled down the hall
in the night save waking Rob 59 times a night..
I woke one morning to...
the light streaming through the curtains & reflecting off the mirrors
no, not quite the crack of dawn..
back in our room the prisms were enchanting
pretty light everywhere
even at my feet
out in the garden receding waters have made temporary pools

what endurance..through all the rain & the cold to 
still emerge with such pristine fragile beauty

walking back from the letter box..
this dear ladybird
kindly flew by & landed on my hand,
while Herbert Stevens pink continued 
to bloom in all his/her?? nodding loveliness.
a good time for a cup of tea thought we
Lady Grey today..loose leaf
later I put my water & light together at
and could hardly believe that I could actually
manage to do it!
And this is was what I made..

Hope you've had a good week


  1. A lovely post and wonderful pictures. Light and water make an amazing combination!

  2. What a beautiful post - such lovely pictures, love the light reflections.

  3. I love your collection of jewely broaches and pins. Mesmerising. I'm glad you are feeling better.


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