Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bertie and the Wheaties

Bertie's been part of the family for quite a wee while now. He arrived much like the tooth fairy, quite unannounced & right on time. Although...just this week Fynn's father was led to comment "that he hoped that, that bloody unreliable toothfairy turns up tonight as she forgot to come the last two nights & although my toothless wonder was understanding "as she must be a rather busy fairy", he went to bed hopeful this evening!" Bertie is a kind of "wheatie" himself; cuddly & comforting, but I don't think he'd like it in the microwave somehow!
 In recent times, he has found himself a new kindred spirit & is quite taken with the little pocket wheaties that I've been making.
When I was a child "hottie" like "gay" only had one meaning. We would fill our hot water bottles with near boiling water, screw the top on hard & snuggle into bed with them, bliss! Many were the unsuspecting souls, however, who later woke to (horror of horrors) a wet bed...a lot of water in one of those things! So...if you haven't heard of them wheaties are a nifty alternative to a hottie & are quick & easy to make. I made these little pocket jobs out of a pretty vintage sheet.
On a coat or jacket kind of chilly morning they can be popped in to pockets on the way out the door. These ones are 15cms x 25cms. Cut two the same. Wheaties are best lined.
  Fold the fabric like this, with right sides together & then the other over the top.
Sew right around all edges with very close stitches or else go around twice, leaving a 5 cm gap in the centre of one side so that you can put the wheat in. 
 Trim the corners.
 Turn inside out through the opening that you left & gently poke out the corners with closed scissors. Now fill the wheatie with whole hard wheat or rye that you can buy from a farm place that sells stock feed or an organics shop. If you like you can add a little dried lavender. Depends who the wheatie is for..boys don't always love the smell of lavender!
 Some people use rice but it doesn't seem to last as well. A funnel is useful to get it all in to the bag. Check as you go that you don't add husks & bits of stick.
When your wheatie is pleasingly plump simply hand sew the opening shut.
 This bigger one I have sewed through the centre to create two compartments. Fabric measured 22cms x 32cms, but you can make them any size or shape that you like. (Rob insisted I had to use Sanderson!) Now, to heat your wheatie: my little one went in to the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes, so 3 minutes for two of them. The larger bag takes 4 mins in my microwave. Ok three things: 1) just use trial & testing till you find out how long yours take to heat. Never heat the wheatie longer than 4 mins..they can burn. 2) You can always pop a wheatie into a hot water bottle cover for a child & 3) Always put a cup with some water in it in to the microwave too when you are heating so that the bag doesn't become too dry. Just one other thing, make sure that you don't dump your bag in the microwave on to teenagers melted cheese or other nasties!  Apply to aching muscles or even warm a babies bed. They make a lovely little gift too.
Wheaties can also be stored or chilled in the freezer to be used like a gel pad for sore bits or general under the weatherness..headaches & the suchlike.

I found this pattern in the Salies this week. It appears to come with free icecream. I thought someone might just be inspired by the hairdo ; )
 Next page, this chap was modeling a Peter Pan pattern!
I just love this sign!

I was delighted to find this wonderfully shaped mirror at the Salies on Tuesday, complete with interesting stickers.

 The one beside the flowers.
 Down in the garden, I unearthed the poor old bike that I was given 20 years ago & bought it out from the under growth. I got to here & then decided that it would make an excellent winter bird feeder.
The birds are in little bird heaven feasting on over ripe apples, pears & persimmons. They take it turns, after the sparrows came the wax eyes & then the black birds.
 When I went to visit the worm farm yesterday, I found this dear little chirpy, fluttery fantail. They are the only bird that allows you to come very close but they are so busy & flitty they are very hard to

 Today I picked my first daphne (heavenly scent) & some white lilies.

This rose has made a gentle home in a flowering cherry & is still flowering even though it is now quite surely winter.
On the shortest day I picked roses & camelias, how wonderful is that!
Last thing, dear ones, I stumbled upon this remarkable video this week. Please consider watching it full screen if you have time & it appeals. All done with one cello & one musician..fantastic & sooo much fun!


  1. Hi Catherine! I found an old wheatie under the bed and used it to warm my granny-weary shoulders yesterday and after reading about your wheaties, I think I shall treat myself to that again this morning! How smart to turn an old bike into a bird feeder! You are brilliant, REALLY!

  2. Hello Catherine, this is the most unbelievably scrumptious post. Love the wheat packs you've made. So you are picking Daphne too. It smells divine doesn't it! Your roses and Camellias are gorgeous, it looks like you have a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.
    I'm having fun following you in Pinterest too. :)
    Anne xx

  3. I love the picture of the rabit with a wheatbag on his forehead-it totally cracked me up!!!!
    I'm not allowed wheatbags now since I melted our sofa cushion with one, I like them too hot like my tea!
    You have VERY snazzy birdfeeders inspired to find something a bit more jazzy myself now, have a lovely week x

  4. Hello Katie. I am most inspired not by the haircuts, but by the ears!!!! How come kids got born with ears like that only in the fifties and sixties?
    Love the expiring bunny with soothing wheetie!

  5. I have a vintage knitting book collection, i am addicted to them - yours looks fantastic! And that mirror.....omg, finding one of those would be like winning the lottery to me! Great finds.

  6. Yes, that mirror is superb. Shame I didn't see it before you...!!! xx

  7. Your wheat bags look lovely! We used to find the tooth fairies were a bit laggardly - we used to put it down to their lorries being full - often several nights in a row ...

    Pomona x

  8. Oh wow lovely finds AND a wheat bag tutorial! wonderful!

  9. Ooh I love this blog! AND we have a rabbit in common; the one in your second photograph. I've just done a feature on ours in my blog the same day as you!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. What a great post! Thanks for sharing the tutorial on making the wheaties. Your picture of the rabbit using his wheatie is precious.

    What a great idea to use your bike basket as a bird feeder. Just brilliant!

    Your new mirror is quite a find!

    And just love the sign about unattended children. Too funny!

  11. Hello dear Catherine!
    I'm back to say that I am thinking of you this morning. I am going to heat up my wheatie and send prayers of my own thankfulness for you and also ask for peace and serenity to come your way right now. You have such an eye for beauty and a soft heart of love.

  12. Hi Catherine, this is my first time here and your blog is very special indeed, love the wheatie and bunny is a darling. Your bike is a great idea.

  13. We've had a very naughty tooth fairy on many occasions - you'd think they'd learn after missing the first night wouldn't you?! I explained they must have been in training...

    Wheatie bags are my best friend, I go to bed with several every night and use one round my neck & shoulders every morning when I first wake up.

    Lovely birds, and a wonderful idea for a bird feeder. I tried and tried to get a photo of a fantail when over in March, but failed!

    The music video doesn't seem to be there? Will check again later :-)


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