Sunday, 12 June 2011

Marigold and Daisy

Like two forlorn but very sweet orphans, Marigold and her sister Daisy, have been washed & fluffed, aired & coaxed, until at last they have settled in & found a home at our house. Some determined care & attention one fine shiny day this last week, did indeed do the trick. I came out one morning to find the Master Fluffer already on the mission of redemption for the day.
Our front porch gets wonderful winter sun..on a sunshiny day.
"I have a plan", declared the master Fluffer,"The girls..what are their names again?" "Daisy & Marigold", I said, "Since they are really quite pretty but they smell a little odd & besides both flowers are in the bouquets on the fabric itself." "Yes, well I have decided that I am going to madly shake Daisy & Marigold on the hour, every hour throughout this sunny day & see if that makes a difference to their demeanor"
Eventually, I wandered off to pick up the milk, return library books & other such important things. Right outside the library I found these sweet prunus blossoms. They routinely flower about now..I think they are "hope flowers"..pretty spring like blossoms that are sent to remind us that no winter really lasts that long after all.
When I got home I found one wee petal in my hair...
During an op shop "exchange" I found this little picture. I really rather bought it for the frame part. I love the heavy glass & scalloped edges & thought that I might pop a pretty rosey picture in to it, but, when I looked again I thought, oh no that actually is very sweet just as it is. A boy & his dog.
Clang, clang, clang there goes the bell again...
Master Fluffer is still on the job!
I found these two big old heart buttons recently..they will be just perfect for something.
I am amazed at how many fruits are orange at this time of the year. They must contain carotene, or some such thing, that we need to boost immunity right about now. We have lots & lots of delicious sweet persimmons. They are yummy & crisp & taste a bit like rock melon. One of their best qualities is that they don't oxidize like most fruit when cut, which means that they don't go brown. So they are great for a cheese board, fruit salad or in the lunch box (well, if I had one, a lunch box that is)
Master Fluffer works mostly afternoon shifts just now..which means he comes home just after 11.30 pm. I made him a pretty snack the other night..not too heavy to go to bed on..
The apples that I get from down St Andrew's road are a help yourself arrangement, with an honesty box & are truly tree ripened & juicy. My Sallies abacus is so helpful for counting bags (when needed) without losing track or having to pick up a pen.
I just love the embroidery on this lovely little afternoon tea cloth that I came across the other day. Best of all the same embroidery is in all four corners.
This kind of scarf could be worn winter or summer..great inspiration. I just love it, made all in lace like this. I am quite impressed that by using the embed button via Pinterest the picture retains all it's links, the source, my Pinterest homepage & Pinterest itself...very clever!

Well, after all that ringing of bells & fiddling & fluffing the girls have been made "good". I haven't actually taken a long deep sniff but when I have been folding them & handling them there is no whiff at all!
Now they really are...
for all kinds of purposes. Come & take a pew...
I just love this thought! I guess that is precisely what the Master Fluffer managed to do. Such a simple thing, no expectation or pressure, just just go forth & make something good.
Source: via Catherine on Pinterest
One of the other bonuses, I am finding with Pinterest, is that of discovering new blogs & tutorials via the pinned pictures, that I may never have otherwise come across. At Stone Gable I found a lovely range of homely tutorials like this one for making a vintage linen hand towel in to a pretty pillow.
And this one about the care & washing of vintage linen.

I came to this blog via this gorgeous picture of pansy shortbread. If you follow the link you will find the recipe & instructions for the pansy bit. Aren't they just divine?!!

With lots of sunshiny hugs & persimmony kisses 0X0X0X0X0


  1. Hi Catherine, love the pretty eiderdowns, and how lucky you are to have a master fluffier! I am in love with the cute boy and dog picture, it is way too cute to remove. hope you are having a great weekend, Tam x

  2. well apart from the wonderful finds, I just love the whole story you told us. Well Done Master Fluffer♥, such pretty photos... thanks.

  3. I suppose really it is a bit like having a human tumble dryer, with your master fluffer!! What a star! I'm so pleased they have been rescued by you and they look really lovely on the pew, with the stained glass window behind. The picture in the beautiful glass frame is just lovely.
    I agree with your comment, kindness I think is so very important and can make such a difference xx

  4. a whole lotta story shakin' goin' on a-here. loved every minute of it!
    we can only dream of dry persimmon up here... your fruits make me go weak at the knees...
    i first encountered an honesty box on tv, in a cookery program, could have been two fat ladies too... (maybe marigold&co). the thought! ;)))

  5. I really Love the doonas and what a great master fluffer you have.That is the cutest boy and do pic I have seen
    Tea cloth is divine all that work.
    I also love all those lacy and doily made items I see everywhere gorgeous.
    I cant do pintrest only coz it will be another distraction lol.That pansy shortbread is beautiful.

  6. Hi Catherine, I just love those eiderdowns.

    Recently discovered Pinterest as you know. There is just too much out there to pin.

    I am pining for NZ apples - they are the best.

    Pam x

  7. The fruit looks divine. I've never ate a persimmon before. I love that story & photos about your Master Fluffer! What a handy helpful guy he is! I also think that Marigold & Daisy look very well now. This was a delightful post to read. You have an enchanting way with putting things together. Enjoyed very much!

  8. How sweet! The master fluffer is smart!
    What lovely things you find and what lovely things you do, Catherine!
    YOU are fun, fun, fun!
    Persimmons are beautiful. I remember when I was a young bride visiting an older friend. She was making persimmon pudding. I had not yet seen a persimmon and it made quite an impression on me!

  9. Oh that embroidered tea cloth is stunning! And the boy with dog is so sweet. Your photos are well done.

    You've discovered another one of my favorite blogs, StoneGable. Yvonne really has a beautiful blog with interesting and beautiful posts.

  10. I just love the girls, the picture of the boy and his dog is gorgeous too. You have a beautiful blog ♥

  11. I'm in love with your down blankets.....they are fabulous!!!! along with every thing else!

  12. I LOVE the picture of the boy and his dog!!

  13. I so love those eiderdowns katie!
    The Pansy shortbread is heavenly, and I shallmake some for my next tea party.
    Now the other house is sold i am looking forward to having the time to be creative again, and make inspiring blog posts such as yours. You are my sunshine!


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