Wednesday, 15 June 2011

You Are My Sunshine

Hello sweetpeas! It is so lovely to see you! It's are my sunshine... you make me happy when skies are gray"

Oh dear, I've been thinking again...sometimes for hours in the middle of the night. I have been thinking about happiness & goodness & kindness & friendship. And I am thinking that just perhaps, happiness isn't something always just a little bit out of reach; something that we maybe, one day might have, but instead, it just could be... something that we can collect!! Yes that's right, just like a honey bee, we can go about & collect it.

Truth is, lots & lots of the colour of our lives has been woven in by the everyday tiny choices that we all make, day in & day out. I am choosing today to bring you a basket of kind thoughts & goodness.

I want to tell you about Norapearl & the "beautiful bouquet of human flowers". Have you ever heard of anything so adorable?

Oh there you are sweetpeas!
 Norapearl is a tiny elderly woman who lives all alone & spends her days tending to her flowers. She was once asked to leave her church because she confessed to believing in miracles...can you imagine that! Just last summer, Norapearl befriended Rachael & her two lovely girls, waving & calling out to them as they went by "what a beautiful bouquet of human flowers". I would love you to pop in & visit Rachael here & read the rest of the story of Norapearl & her dogs Lady Alice & Cordelia. This gorgeous little tale is told over at little flower on the hill.
So often we are waiting for the day to come when life will be ok but really, truly we can start right this minute by being kind to others.

We can follow a blog that has just been born. We can comment on a post just to encourage another. We can send a card to someone to say that we care or that they are in our thoughts today.
We can feed a kitten...because it must be hungry & it's nice to share.

Come on hop up here with me & dream awhile, it's such a lovely day..

Now smell the lavender, isn't it delightful.

Just for you, sunshine..

As Rachael said after meeting Norapearl "I walked the rest of the way home with sunbeams shooting out of me every which way- a perfectly natural reaction to having somebody else's soul-glitter stuck to you"


  1. What a beautiful post Catherine, I love that line "somebody else's soul-glitter stuck to you"...

  2. Hello dear Catherine! I love your posts! Why can't you be my next door neighbor? This morning when I came downstairs to make my coffee, a fat baby robin was on the door step. He was waiting for the sprinklers to stop, I hope. He looked me right in the eyes. What a little prize! The robins are outgrowing their baby nests and their parents are booting them out into the real world!
    I might have to go buy a pot of lavender today. Thanks for the blessing (your post!)

  3. hi catherine, well, i just found your lovely slice of blogland, via pinterest and i am following you here AND there. you have exquisite taste in imagery i look forward to your future posts and pins!

    erin in tennessee

  4. What a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing the happiness by telling it, and by sharing the beauty of the photographs a swell.

  5. Beautiful post Catherine with gorgeous pictures as well. Thank you for that bright sunshine this afternoon, just when I needed it.

  6. I have just been over to 'little flower on the hill', such a lovely post! and so beautifully written.
    I was so touched that you read my Grandads story on your radio show. To think that his story may inspire another person to tell or write theirs. It's so important. Thank you Catherine
    Sophie xx

  7. Well you chose aright today! What wisdom and beauty. Thank you!

  8. Thank you, Catherine. YOU are a dear and lovely moonbeam. :):)
    I really admire your ability to combine images and words in such a perfect way. Such beauty and inspiration <3

  9. I do agree with you - I always take the view that if you try to spread blessings, blessings will come to you.

    Pomona x

  10. Another gorgeous post Catherine


So lovely of you to leave a comment. Thank you!! ♥

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