Sunday, 5 June 2011

Winter Sweetly

Dear Sophie of Fading Grace, in her recent post,  Paisley and Roses spoke of acquired taste...where does it come from & how do we get it? "What is it that makes us love the things we do?" I have long been interested to observe, that as a little girl fully separated from my own mother, from around the age of 6, strong tastes & inclinations have instinctively surfaced in my personality, despite near drowning (no one should ever be made to grow up in the 70's quite apart from anything else!)... I would definitely have to tilt heavily on the side of gene pull. I suspect that I have been on the journey "home" in one way or another ever since. I decided to make use of my salvaged eiderdown fabric to line my lovely basket, to at least make good something of the experience. I came across a large tablecloth recently with heart filet crocheted edge, which was just the right depth for a pretty edging. Not too sure about the rickrack but it was a useful spare bit at the time.  
 I feel much better about it all now & am thinking that I might use this basket for all my bits & pieces for work. You know, hanky, wee bag with bandaids, lipstick & stuff & other useful Garden Fairy paraphenalia.
You would honestly think that all that recent feathery trauma would have taught me a lesson, a very big one, but no apparently not!! Here I am..right back again (I'll blame the genes) having bought two very vintage barkcloth quilts from Trade me this week. The seller wasn't too sure what they were filled with so I am pleading ignorance too! They had been rescued from a great aunts batch on Rangitoto Island & it is very true they did deserve a fresh chance at life.
 I do adore the fabric but, they are feather eiderdowns & they were utterly grubby (or aged). The fabric is robust, fortunately. I have soaked them in napisan twice & they have definitely shown signs of improvement, however, the smell!! Well what can I say?? Rob has waded in with patience & full commitment & they have had an all day spell on the washing line today in mild temperatures & glorious winter sunlight. (Don't have a tumble dryer anymore) I shall give them a chance & wait & see....
 A friend from down the road came to buy feijoas yesterday & I was delighted that she had brought me some sprigs of winter sweet...a truly divine scent in trying times.

I love these vintage handles..they were no longer comfy in their designated pot so they are having a little rest up here for now.
We have been having big tidy-ups & a clean out & even managed to gather up some old pictures & oak frames to take to auction in Napier. It was another lovely day.
We pulled the fruit in early & got all the bits & pieces delivered in time. On our way home along Marine Parade we were entranced by the fleeting evening colours along the waterfront.

 Sky meeting sea.
 My darling arrived home around midnight the other night bearing roses from work. (He's allowed to pick them..or so he says ; )
 We have had the lovely opportunity to head out to a local orchard & pick some of the kiwifruit that remain on the vine after the harvest. I've never picked kiwifruit before. Mandarins are on full stream & we have the last of the feijoas. A full little larder indeed!
A lot of fruit still left on the vines..

 quite furry these ones. Like the originals. Not sure that you'd want to pick them full time though as at this height, looking up, the furry bits get in your eyes after a while.
 There's always the odd one or two!!
A day later my roses had spilled all over the place.
 This small growing hydrangea called "You & Me Together" has the really useful kind of flowers that just hold for months & still have colour right in to winter like this. I think I shall have to take some cuttings & create some more.
 This old rose Duchess de Brabrant can always be relied upon to have another good go at flowering in June which is quite remarkable, I feel.
 Winter light in just the right place.
 I have a small raised garden down the back that gets sun again in few veges seem to be happy enough with the arrangement.
 Snowdrops already flowering even as they have barely pushed through the soil right on cue for the advent of winter beginnings here.
 The sol d'or have happily staggered their the front lot expire this new crowd is now taking the stage.
With much 
wishing you sunshine & hugs this week. Thanks so much for dropping in.


  1. Dear Catherine, Thank you for the lovely mention! How sad for you that you were separated from your mum at such a young age, xx

    The eiderdowns are beautiful, I have not come across barkcloth ones before, the fabric I love. I guess if all else fails it will have to be another Jemima moment for you!! I hope not.....
    The little basket is also lovely with your rescued fabric.
    Hugs Sophie x

  2. Lots of loveliness here, having a relaxing effect on me like a nice warm bath, mmmm x

  3. One word for your lovely post Catherine- corker xxx

  4. Love the eiderdowns too.I havent seen one for a long time last one I bought a few years back didnt cope with its wash.I love them as they remind me of the one I had as a baby.Have a pic somehwere

  5. Your photos are stunning and I love the eiderdowns. Oh what I would give for a feed of feijoas right now! I always seem to miss the season when I get back to Auckland.

    Pam x

  6. Such a lovely post, like reading Country Living magazine! I have a little basket like yours which I found in a charity shop, I use it as a sewing basket. If that's you in the picturs, you have the most fabulous hair! I want hair like yours, Bettyx

  7. It's quite amazing to read you on winter time, yet out choosing fruitfulness from the vine! We have people from church moving to New Zealand before Christmas, which will be our winter, but presumably summer for you and them! I know it's a very basic concept, but it is huge too! Like our world. And worlds, and lives, and journeys. Love the glimpse of beautiful you!

  8. Oh, Catherine! How nice to see a photo of you. You look just like ... A FRIEND! Isn't that amazing? Sometimes you can just tell by looking a person that they are a kindred spirit. I love this post. You have such kind hospitality. The bounty in the larder is GORGEOUS! I agree with Betty! I love your hair, too. It's like mine! Smile!

  9. OOh eiderdown envy Katie!!!
    They are particularly scrumptious!
    Lovely, lovely post from the garden fairy as usual.
    Love Jacqui

  10. Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. Even just looking at it makes me happy. I think it's my favorite :)
    <3 Rachael

  11. Hi Catherine! I want to invite you over to see my fairy bed. You'll like it.


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