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I often hear it said when some one has passed away.."0h, but at least he lived life to the full" which is great, but I have come to realize that this frequently means that he did a lot of "stuff". I was bought up on the singular mantra that ambition & achievement of "much" & of excellence was all that there was to life.  I think, perhaps that's why I love "vintage" so much now...when you come across something of vintage dimensions it speaks to you, a conversation takes place & then a certain gratitude & emotional attachment evolves in those moments. I am quite sure, that unless, we are blessed with a particularly remarkable memory, we mostly remember how the people in our lives made us feel, not so much the things that they gave to us or necessarily all of their personal achievements. 
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What do you think? Do you think that's true?
The Victorians were such a prudish, yet sentimental lot..wonder where all the sweet sentiment went to in our age? 
Many seem to have dispensed with the soft things, things of the heart & the soul: kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness, beauty, true romance, serendipity & wonder. When I accidentally found myself in Kmart today (having posted parcels) I stood in the middle of the store gazing at an acre of black clothing.. ALL black & wondered how on earth we could have allowed ourselves to be so duped. The world needs us to be colour-FILLED!! When I looked at the pre-prepared, churned out cards & cheap products all around me, I felt such pride & a certain smugness in thinking of all the beautifully handmade creations that lovely woman are busily making all over the world & the comfort of knowing that my vintage cotton sheets will probably last us a lifetime. I walked away, deliberately empty-handed & with a spring in my step.
Quite a number of you, my sweet friends, asked about the book "Forget-me-not" that was in the pile of books in last weeks post, so I thought that I would tell you a little about this lovely volume.

"Forget-me-not: Timeless Sentiments For Life Long Friends"
available here
Written by Janda Sims Kelley
Funnily enough, the most appropriate chapter to tell you about seemed to be "Knowing The True Wealth Of Friendship"
 "I am wealthy", says Janda, "I am wealthier than I dreamed or imagined to great wealth lies in treasure that cannot be bought with money or gold...I'm talking about the treasure of devoted friendship. My dear friend Linda is one of my richest treasures. We have been friends for almost 40 years....Linda & I forged a chain made up of conversations & experiences, dreams & secrets, joys & sorrows, as we've shared our hearts & our lives, & love has formed the clasp. The links of the treasure & the clasp itself have been strengthened year after year by our devotion to each other...."
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My friend Wendy & I have known each other for almost 50 years. Our fathers were pharmacy colleagues back in the early 1960's and Wendy & I met as toddlers. We don't catch up a great deal but it never matters. We've always stayed in touch through all the years..every meeting is just the same..friends who hold each others memories & hearts tenderly & always will.
my postcard
I picked these from my garden today..aren't they so sweet. I picked them for friends.

The back of the book reads "Some treasures are timeless-sweet memories remain as fragrant today as the bouquet of love they were long ago. Although times have changed, the desires & longings of woman have remained the same. Connect the yearnings of the present with the grace & sincerity of the past-pearls of wisdom & ageless insight that have stood the test of time. Awaken your heart to a passage of hope & encouragement from woman who have gone before you...forget them not, & glean a harvest among the legacies they have left behind."
So there you are. A lovely book, still available & well worth having in your library.

I found this forget-me-not border at Bumble Button..such gorgeous free graphics. The saying I found via tumblr & the writing I was easily able to add online in Picnik.
In the Victorian language of flowers forget-me-nots symbolise hope, remembrance, faithfulness & memories.
 May the sweet flowers upon this page, bring to mind memories sweet & friendships true.
 May you know a faithful hand of care, a garland of gracefulness, your whole life through. 
Innocence by Arthur Hacker

Just before I pop in here if you like Margaret Tarrant's lovely illustrations. I found some of her postcards on Trade Me this week & they are so lovely I thought that I would share them with you : )
Have a wonderful week my friends.


  1. I agree about the sea of black apparel. How sad! We need sunshine and GLOW! Have you read The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge? YOU would LOVE it!
    Yes, thank YOU for the color and love you spread. I love coming over here, dear Katie!

  2. Dear Catherine ~ This will be a post I will not forget (pardon the pun!) for a very long time, so very symbolic.
    My Father's favorite flowers were forget-me-nots, my Mother used to throw her seeds from her gardens all over mine. Yesterday while visiting my parents graves. I mentioned their forget-me-nots had bloomed with abundance through out my yard this past Spring. The quote from your book that read To Dollie... That was my mother's name. I remember a card from my father to her with the exact words.
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

  3. What a lovely post Katie. I agree with the sentiment. We are lucky if we find even one such friend in the world. I hope everyone does.
    I also value the gift of imagnation, which ties all the "living a vintage life" stuff together don't you think?
    All that is well and good, but the imagary is completely shattered by your description of finding yourself in K Mart LOL!
    You must have needed nickers REALLY badly perhapse? Vintage nickers require a bit more than a good imagination i guess.
    Luv Jacqui

  4. Such a heartwarming post which has reminded me to cherish my friends and make the time, will be keeping an eye out for a copy of that stunning book too!

    Jem xXx

  5. Another good read Catherine and a reminder to cherish family and friends.

  6. Hello Catherine,yes I agree that it isn't what people give you that makes us remember them. I have images of split second things that happen,A look, or a smile, ect. I have a vivid, split second memory of my husband, who wasn't my husband then,! about 15 years ago when we were still dating, it's a very special photo in my mind. Not sure if that makes sense, but hey, not to worry!! Your posts always make me think, a special talent you have for writing
    Love Sophie xx

  7. I forgot!!! forget-me not's a beautiful little flower,and you know I love the artwork of Margaret Tarrant. Favourite Woodland friends xx


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