Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fussing, Fleas and Knitting Graffiti

What a horrible old you ever have those? Of course there's always "stuff'"that happens and I'm quite a good problem solver, in general, it's just when you get ambushed & overtaken by the tricky bits of life, you can end up feeling pretty yuk & defeated!  Fleas, dead birds, neglected barking dogs, overload of pollens (pine & wattle) = hayfever...we surely must be on the cusp of spring in our neck of the woods. Well the dog has nothing to do with spring, but neither does finding out that you've been falsely accused & viciously lied about for years & years by certain family members (not mine) & it's stuffed up soo many things & made life so skinny & hard. Let my blog speak for itself. The glad game isn't working very well & I sure hope that the flea spray does a better job because it smells disgusting & I hate chemicals!!!
Fortunately loveliness does not fail me, so when I found this pretty vintage picture at The Mart in Havelock North I was so delighted. I have been vintage hunting for a good 30 years, but when I saw this I realized that very few lovely vintage pictures come up for sale here.
I like the simplicity of the 50's style plain cream frame..always works.
Our sun can be pretty harsh so I decided to pop this on our bedroom wall, since there's lace curtains in the window, which in turn, meant a makeover of this chest of draws.
I adore old velvet flowers, but you don't come across them very often either.
This crocheted cross is such a sweetie. That's the wonderful thing about the advent of our Trade Me, there are now things offered up for sale that otherwise may have been put into the rubbish & they are often very reasonably priced if you keep your eyes peeled.
There's a funny old secondhand shop in the middle of town called "Good Forecast", it's always worth a quick walk around..that's how I found this tray..very homemade & old painty looking. The winter sun was shining one afternoon so I borrowed Rob's reading glasses ; ) & got out some of my favourite books for an airing. 
Aren't books wonderful.!!! I was just thinking the other day, with all the dreary news & sad downward trends & cut backs of so many things in society, isn't it amazing that "free" libraries are still robust, open & generally humming. Arguably one of a communities most precious resources.
Did you ever watch the English Patient? I love that movie. Michael Ondaatje says "She had always wanted words, she loved them; grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape. "
I would have to add...she had always wanted beautiful pictures but didn't know it!!
Charlie, the Borrowed Cat, came to see what all the fuss was about books!
While we were out walking this week we came across knitting graffiti on the fence at the squash courts down the road.
Some of it looks like finger knitting. Did you ever do finger knitting..I loved it or was it the old cotton reel that I was drawn to?
The next day we found "bubble graffiti"....mounds of foam scattered all over Queens Park : )
When I went to the Farmer's Market last week I stood stock still & speechless at the pretty display of edible kale. I was soooo excited when I saw the sign to say that they were only a $1 each & that I could buy I did!
This white one is called "white peacock".
Aren't they so pretty.
Gay & Robert grow the most amazing array of organic plants & salad vegetables.
Including the cutest eggs..well the chooks lay those for them.
Speaking of eggs, that frequently come in cartons like these..what a great idea for storing Christmas decorations.
via Pinterest
I found this pretty American polished cotton on Trade Me a week or two ago. A true vision of loveliness! Doesn't have a purpose. I just love having the fabric, but you never just know.

Thanks so much for coming by!


  1. Sending cyber hugs your way Catherine, sounds like you might need them.

    Fleas - yuk, I remember having to deal with those in NZ. Rigorous vacuuming and pulling out of settee cushions before setting off the bomb!

    Wonderful Kale, never seen any like that before.

    Do people REALLY have their Christmas decorations so well organised I wonder? ;-)

  2. wowee, I don't know where to start my comment!!! First, the little blue, embroidered bag on the dresser-ooh soooo beautiful, don't tell me that was a trade me find?!!
    The kale is amazing and I'm soo glad you posted your books, I like nothing better than seeing someones bookshelf, on a blog, in a magazine, even if I do have to turn my laptop sideways to read the titles and authors!
    I was particulaly interested in the 100 flowers to knit and crochet. I cant knit or crochet but I have been doing some 'french knitting', I think thats the same as finger knitting, on a old reel i rigged up with nails myself and I'm keen to have a go at some flowers, i must visit my local library (small town but you'd never guess as the libary is huge, up-to-date and very crafty oriented too!); before the snow sets in!
    Keep warm and have a lovely week x

  3. Love the way you do your pics,That Kale looks so beautiful will you eat it too?Nothing worse than being lied about or accused of something you havnt done some sad people with no lives around thats for sure.
    I used to have that edwardian book years ago love the other ones you have

  4. Fabric is gorgeous! Some great finds - even the edible ones!
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Hello Catherine,

    I totally sympathise with the week you have had. I've been there, done that, and got the mug to celebrate getting through it.

    Well done for another fantastic blog post. Don't you just love the name 'Good Forecast'? I wish I could trawl my way through your pile of books; some are familiar and cherished here in my home. What is the 'Forget-Me-Not' one about?

    Thank you for making my afternoon.


  6. Sorry to hear that you have been having a bad week..not to mention the years of lies and torment. I hope that it does not continue to give you trouble.

    What a wonderful idea for the xmas ornaments, I had never thought of that!

    Love the kale, I thought that the were just beautiful flowers..

    I hope this week brings you loveliness and peace...Tam x

  7. Not sure if i blew away my comment or not??

    Sorry to hear that you have had a bad week, and it seems years of torment and mistrust...terrible.

    What a great idea for the xmas ornaments, I had not thought of that before!

    The kale looks like beautiful flowers, so pretty. I bet they last a long time too.

    Love the knitting graffiti.

    Hoping this week brings you loveliness and peace..Tam x

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the fleas and other inconveniences.
    Delicious looking books, I think!
    Oh, I really love the knitting graffiti! All your photos are delightful, Catherine!

  9. Oh my gosh Catherine ~ You've had a busy week! I love the pictures of the kale very dainty looking. Three of your books caught my attention, I too love collecting old books especially poetry, the Forget me Not book stood out the most, let me know what it's about when you get a chance, I'm curious...:)
    Lots of hugs, Rosemary...x

  10. The pretty picture is a great find and the last pic of the kitty is a winner.

  11. I love the warm glow of your pictures - and all your lovely finds. I hope the flea stuff works, and life looks up!

    Pomona x


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