Saturday, 27 August 2011

Serendipity by any other name...

Serendipity by any other name would surely be, unpredictability. I'm not too keen on's full of the unexpected. And the unexpected, frequently, means change. Change is uncomfortable, except when you realize it's come disguised as serendipity. The thing is to wear the right glasses. It's kind of silly, 'cos if not much happens in life we're just as likely, as not, to get bored. I have a sense that serendipity was not at work when we struck the coldest week of the year (was it really only last week?). Snow fell like New Zealand hadn't seen in a good 50 years (8 degrees most of the week here). I got a cold, couldn't garden, my car broke (a lot), my computer went very weird on me for a whole week & the neighbours had an all night party to round the week off for us. I wouldn't mind the odd hiccup it's the knots & clusters that trip me up. Not long ago our friendly Peak..Te Mata Peak (meaning Sleeping Giant..can you see him?...his head is on the right, feet to the left, legend here)
became uncommonly unrecognizable (as in, not in my lifetime).
photo was taken by my brother: Tim Whittaker. Lots more here.
A lot of people had a wonderful time in the snow. Some even made sweet snow ladies. Have a look here at Jacqui & the Granny's creation over in Taranaki.

Back here, the heavens roiled & growled..
and it rained a lot.
Lucky for my trusty homemade beeswax polish.
Tired of "stuck inside", I took the scenic route to buy milk. (No car)
The gerberas looked very colourful in the Begonia House in our Cornwall Park.
It's the time of magnificent magnolias.
It rained some more & hailed too!
And then it stopped.
And the daffodils popped up their sweet heads..just down the road.
 A rogue jasmine!
 Fragrant hyacinths along the way.
 My borage has joined the blue chorus.
 And Christmas Cheer has emerged. (silly name for this hemisphere)

 Can you smell my grape hyacinths?
 Pretty obconica primulas tucked under the abelia.

 Under the old plum tree.
 Slightly more regular transmission appears to have resumed.
It is almost time for my favourite flower to emerge from it's hiding place under the soil.
Via tumblr
And I'm back in the garden again...phew!
Much love to you all dear friends.


  1. The flowers all look wonderful, such gorgeous colours and variety, certainly a welcoming Spring.

  2. Such a beautiful garden you have Catherine.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Anne xx

  3. Hi Catherine! I like The Sleeping Giant! It's been so hot here, I can hardly remember snow!

  4. Sorry to hear that everything has hit you at once, hope you are over the flu and your car is up can running. It is so lovely here today, the sun is out, the flowers are starting to bloom and the birds are chirping. Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather too. Your garden is as gorgeous as always. Tam x

  5. Dear Catherine,

    What a beautiful post.... but I suppose I should be getting used to that when visitin an angel in the garden.

    I am exactly the same as you regarding change. I almsot feel my muscles tensing so that I can EMBRACE the change because it's good for us, right ;-) When you described your week - I too have been poorly for the first time in months - I nodded my head at every item on your list of challenges (a.k.a. changes) and smiled sympathetically.

    I still get a kick from seeing views of your native country and observing the upside-downness (is that a word?) of things for here in France it is, of course, the end of summer. I adore Spring and have had great joy in seeing your stunning photographs of such a joyful procession of spring flowers and yet it is playing tricks on my mind as our last spring seems so very near in time too.

    Gosh my mind is meandering ...

    I wish you a peaceful, happy week, dear Catherine.


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