Monday, 29 August 2011

A Perfect Day and a Surprise

 Every once in a while, a day comes along that is just perfect in every way....this was one of those days.
Well the teacosie was a little wild & made us giggle
but when I looked up & saw a friend I just knew it was going to be an especially blessed day.
 A day with no hurry, no worry...just sweetness & being together in the sunshine & watching planes go by..
and finding more planes in the Antique Centre.
 Door open..there's the hostess (well she would have been back then!)
 door shut & there are all the passengers, moustaches & all (they let me take pictures to show you..nice eh!)
 I found this wonderful depression glass pedestal cake plate.
And sold an old watch of my grandmothers for scrap gold (truly wasn't salvageable) & the return went a long way to buying this beautiful, pristine double marcella. I've never seen one with lily of the valley before. It is so perfect on our bed.
 My dear friend Cheryl told us about The Kitchen Table in Tennyson Street (Napier)..a photographers gallery & cafe incorporating lots of quirky retro/vintage elements & best of all the coffee's great!
 These signs line the outside wall.
 This huge mural hangs in the main cafe area.
 This was my favourite corner with the homogeneous milk finish on the furniture. It has the feel of my early childhood.
I found a mangosteen (imported)..funny fruit..quite beautiful in appearance.
The kiwana card "Perfect Holiday" came from Aroha Lamour & was created by artist Leanne Culy
 Heralds of spring..tangerine tulips outside Madisons.
and giant amaryllis,
 a few steps more & we looked down this startlingly light & bright European style passageway.
 There are still some grand buildings in Napier.
 and lovely vistas.
 We later made our way round past the Port to Ahuriri..
 Right by the sea.
 Here we checked into the Crown Hotel...4th floor. Sea views, delightful & so marvelously, kindly made possible by my brother & his darling wife, who realizing that they wouldn't be able to make use of their Chamber of Commerce prize of a night at the hotel... gave the opportunity to us!!
After desperately cold temperatures & snow the week before who would have thought it possible for us to the have the gift of this sparkling day?
 Without a breath of wind to ruffle our hair we wandered around the water front..
 celebrated on our balcony,
 read Country living magazines,
 watched the day draw in & the light haze & mellow
 until eventually the sun went down

  in a blaze of glory..
The next morning, about the time of a nice cup of tea, there was a telephone call. Rob's colleagues were calling from Wellington..oh dear he should have been with them attending the annual New Zealand Nurses Organization conference. The dear man had booked his flight a day late. I had been whispering interesting comments only last week of possible symptoms of over intelligence ; 0
We managed to get him to Wellington in time to attend the afternoon sessions & I, well I returned to Ahuriri to have my hair trimmed & visit Port'o'Call . It seems I may have said that I'll help out on a Sunday afternoon for a bit (we'll see how we go). So I went home to wash my best pinnies.

Hope you're having a lovely week. 


  1. Wonderful photos of what looks like to be a fabulous weekend, so glad you had such a lovely time.

    These photos do rather make me feel homesick! We have seen hardly any blue sky this summer, and I really feel like I have missed my dose of sun shine, blue sky days.

  2. Dear Catherine,

    I am overjoyed to read about your perfect and hugely varied day. I almost feel as if I had been there a little with you. I love the way you capture those simple and great pleasures of your day-to-day life.

    Beware; I have my eye on that snowdrop tablecloth. I am very fond of snowdrops for their delicate beauty and because they herald spring. I often feel that this flower symbolises my son, who was born February 15th (still winter here in Europe, of course), as they come out at around that time and because he is so very pure and sensitive.

    Another thing we have in common is that I love a REALLY good coffee. That cafe seems like a great find and, yes, the milk finish on the furnitutre is so satisfying it its purity.

    Beautiful photographs which, quite simply, show us the beauty of life.

    Warm wishes,

    Have you entered my giveaway yet?

  3. I love the kiwiana card - a caravan parked in the middle of a paddock (and very near to a beach) sounds like the perfect holiday to me!

    It makes me remember hazy memories of holidays to Whangamata when I was a very young child; where my parents had a couple of caravans on a section of land.

    Looks like you had a gorgeous time away! :)

  4. Loving all of your finds especially that beautiful tea cosy! It is gorgeous.

    Thanks for the tour- it has been a while since I have been there. Many memories.

    Take care. Pam x

  5. What a beautiful day and lovely scenery. Love the pinneys... I have a small and hopefully growing collection myself. Alisa xx

  6. These pictures are wordlessly beautiful- as are you- that shot could be a Victorian portrait! Pre-Raphaelite even! We spent an evening recently with friends who had been to visit relatives in NZ this summer- and toured all around in a campervan! And paddled in the Pacific and took also amazing photos, and stopped nights in Hong Kong on the way. What a fabulous land is yours!

  7. I love that tea cosy. Have you seen the book titled "Really Wild Tea Cosies", with marevellous patterns for knitting really wild tea cosies?
    It sounds and looks like you had a lovely time away. Your photos are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  8. Dear Catherine,

    I think it would be WONDERFUL for you to have your own flower headband. I am all for that kind of whimsical approach to life. Go for it!


  9. I so enjoyed that weekend adventure even tho I wasnt there Thanks for sharing.Love that white bed cover very like one I used to have and wore out to pieces literally.

  10. What a lovely time you have had with your sweetheart Catherine, it all sounded just gorgeous.

  11. I am glad that you had such a lovely time - what amazing blue skies - beautiful!

    Pomona x

  12. OOOH apron love katie! You lucky thing getting to spend the afternoon at Port o Call. Even if you were working. Hoe could that be work?

  13. Love your pinnies!
    My Bill is in your land!


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