Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Queen Of Golden

and the green, green grass of summer!
Our paddocks & hillsides are still verdant, a most peculiar state of affairs.
 I do know that it is in fact late summer as the golden queen peaches have arrived, along with the omega plums & naked ladies in the garden. As I was contemplating these seasonal visitors, I wondered to myself just how long golden queens have been around for? As I recall, everyone used to bottle back in the day (when I was a child) 20lb or 40lb cases at a time.
 I made two discoveries through my pondering. The first, that we have a New Zealand encyclopedia called TeAra & the second that, 
"The Golden Queen is reputed to have first been grown in New Zealand in the garden of a Mrs Reeves in Tauranga. Velvety skinned peaches were once popular for bottling."
Now would you just look at that...and me being a Mrs Reeves & all!
 It is time to gather some firewood..well have delivered. Bit of splitting to do but it's lovely wood. Old man pine they call it.
 The cranberries are ripening up nicely but won't last long as they are right near my washing line & smell so enticing. They are known as the New Zealand cranberry on occasion & also "Mrytus Ugni"...not sure that is quite the right title for a successful marketing ploy, however.
 In my fossicking around this week I found this oil pouring can & the butter yellow handled knife or implement sharpener. The little chap was an excellent find considering we have a master sharpener in the house presently. What a huge difference it makes to have properly sharpened knives. Anyone fancy borrowing The Boy?
Rob discovered the wee green clock amidst the abundance & fluff of a stall at The Bazaar on saturday morning.
 Apparently our local SPCA is in dire financial strife & may not be able to continue past the end of the month so I am more than happy to support their new op shop just down the road..which is where I found the green teapot. I feel that my macadamia nut cracking hammer might like to reside along with other useful implements in the oil can.
 If you can find macadamia nuts in their shells they are fun to crack & so much cheaper to buy. Being a little skittery & on the fiddly side is a good thing...stops you eating too many at once.
 I thought that this was a perfect addition to the kids book shelf in the sunroom. I just can't help feeling a little queasy though looking at all those screeds of hose...rather reminded me of intestines, ok saghetti then!
 I love the look on the dog's face.
 Oh yes, found a Sanderson cushion at the Bazaar. The inner is filled with duck down.
 I have been making kefir for quite a few months now. No, I hadn't heard of it before either. It is the easiest thing in the world to make & I like it a lot more than yoghurt. Turkish in origin I believe..well not mine obviously. I began with a powdered starter from the organics shop, but now, just make the next batch from the last one.
 Just pour the milk in to the clean jar, add a tablespoon from the last jar, cover & leave on the bench till the next day...done! Pop in the fridge. Kefir is packed with really helpful bacteria & has a much softer, more digestible curd than yoghurt.
 When I bought some fish during the week I noticed a bag of very cheap fish heads & bits. I have never actually made fish stock before so I decided to follow the motto from the "Origin Earth " people at the Farmers' Market
"Try something that scares you everyday" & I bought the bag of fish...heads. Eeew eyeballs & all.
Next, I stopped in at the library to return some books, had a quick check through the just returned shelves & noticed "The River Cottage Fish Book." I opened to a page & what should I read , but how to make fish stock..only took half an hour & didn't smell too fishy either.
My other grand find was "Grow Your own Drugs...a year with James Wong."
David & I are plotting all kinds of concoctions from this wonderfully inspiring book.
 I have had so many people asking for more Luisa plums..never seen them before.. bit scary to some people. But once tried best loved.
 One old dear asked Rob, "What are they liked stewed?" He wasn't too sure on that one so I thought I'd better have a go...what astonishing colours. Quite unexpectedly tangy I must say, but wow what a plum for jam!
You might have noticed these little coconut balls peeking out of a little container a wee way back. I am learning to use organic coconut oil. In that journey I came across a great little recipe which you can find just here if you're interested.
 I have a sneaking suspicion that this isn't a children's book that I bought the other day. Perhaps best not read it to my nephew, but thought you might enjoy a couple of excerpts, even if you don't love cats.

  Have a wonderfully tiddily week.
Lovely to see you.


  1. A post full of so many wonderful things! Love the finds - the little clock and teapot - fab.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Dear Catherine,

    Are those your shoes? They are absolutely delightful! I feel like singing and dancing after clapping eyes on those.

    So how do you feel about summer slowly fading? Possibly the word 'fading' is not appropriate here as autumn will surely be a blaze of sensuous moments for you.

    A book of cat poems? How wonderful. I must check it out.

    Have a beautiful week Catherine.


    ps You may or may not be aware I am having a giveaway and I think - perhaps I am right - that the gifts would appeal to you. There is not a sighting of winter anywhere, I promise!

  3. Dearest Catherine
    Oh I just love it when I see a new post by you pop up in my side bar!!
    I'm never disappointed - you have that magic touch.
    i just feel as though I'm sitting in a chair in your house and you're chatting away to me!!!

    Love all the gorjus fruit you always have - half the stuff we never see up here.
    And those bazaars and markets where you find all your treasures make my mouth water!

    What a nice way for me to end my day - popping in to see you darling.

    Night night - it's way past my bedtime and I desperately need my beauty sleep these days. LOL


  4. Your posts are always full of such wonderful, life-affirming things :-) Thank you for sharing!

    Jem xXx

    P.S It was hard not to fall in love with your beautiful sea-green enamel teapot!

  5. Hi Catherine!
    I like your shoes and your skirt, too!
    You gave me a dose of summer, dear. Maybe we can hang a few things on our washing line today. Yesterday we did have a warm wind.
    Each Peach Pear Plum. Do you know the book? Such juicy gifts you have before you!
    Every time I read your words, I decide to go to the antique mall. I hope I can get there today!
    Sending love your way!

  6. Love your shoes, love your skirt, and the treasure you found. Those cranberries look so juicy and delicious, would love to taste one of the tree, have never eaten one fresh before. and yes Labels are definately a jolly good idea..thank you! xx
    Sophie x


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