Sunday, 12 February 2012

A sweet-heartly sort of month...

I've had little creatures visiting in my garden!
 and large ones,
 and ever so sweet ones too!
 There's been a full moon arising!
 and love is in the air.
 My dear friend Ruth picked this heart especially for me..isn't she sweet.
 I've had strange things hanging out of my trees..
 they are hairy & a little bit scary..
and sometimes the light shines through,
 but it has to be said that this is a very strange summer indeed.
No wonder Mutabilis is known as the butterfly rose.
Basil doesn't appear to have been put off by the lack of sunshine.
I am amazed at the colour of the flowers on this purple one.
 I adore bumble bees.
 I love their furry little fat makes me want to hug them but I don't think that that is a very good idea somehow.
My friend Cheryl sent me this. I think I will just keep it close so that I can see the cover lots.
 Do you like my "Krispet" box? I think it'll be lovely in the old pink fridge out the back. I found it at the Mart in Havelock North just recently. Such a handy little place to check out. Rod & I agreed it is probably quite an uncommon sort of find.
Old & new it all goes together & makes me smile.
The new seasons "Sunrise" apples seem to go soft quite quickly so it seemed like a good time to make an apple cake. 
This recipe is so easy... you can find it in with an angel in the kitchen just here.
 Of course you could make it any shape you like...
to share.
 I added some of these Luisa plums. They go perfectly with the apple. I think they are almost the nicest plums I've ever tasted.
 A little while ago I bought this tea party hat from Trade Me. I have been fiddling around with it, adding some extra bits to tidy it up...
& I adore it! 
Hope your week is filled with simple joys & appreciation....& a few hearts along the way.
I, for one, think you're lovely & I'm so glad you came by.


  1. Hi Katie!
    The plums are so beautiful! We only have dried plums here. Sad!
    Oh, your visitors really are wonderful. I hope you had a lot of fun. (BIG HUG!)

  2. Dear Catherine
    What a sweet Valentine post - that flowery hat is soooooooo divine - what a find!!!

    happy happy weekend and Valentines day too!

  3. Dear Catherine,

    When I see the butterfly rose, the heart-shaped apple and plum cake, the pink weighing scales I feel happy to be here because although it is true that differences are enriching there is something to be said for sharing with like-minded people.

    One of my greatest pleasures in late spring and summer is sitting by our lavender bush and watching the fat bumble bees bumbling away.

    Thank you for bringing a slice of sumlmer heaven to our snowladen world (which I love too). Spring is on its way here soon.



  4. Hi Catherine, what a gorgeous post. What sweet little creatures living in the garden.

    Your new hat is absolutely gorgeous! as is the pink super cute fridge box.

    The kids have settled in quite well this year and have great teachers so we are all very happy (for the moment, that is..haha)

  5. As always such lovely eye candy... thanks :)

  6. as the snow falls heavily, looking at these photos is a real treat. thank you!

  7. And so do I! It's a thing of great beauty! I hope to see you in full tea party regalia in a future post.


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