Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wings and Ripped Sheets

Creativity is a funny old thing.
Especially free-flow, make-it-up-as-you-go-along kind of creative.
I adore the atmosphere that bunting evokes
..the this is a celebration & a special kind of day feeling.
I have been inventing other forms of bunting & decided that a birthday bunting would be fun.
I got to here. I need to find some more velvet ribbon, I think to go in it.
It is a good start because I love it & you know how important that is when you are have to love it or else it goes in the back of the cupboard or out the door.
I am waiting on the next step...I'm sure it's coming any time soon...
Making stuff & giving new life & purpose to the work of others that comes from another time & era is a rewarding past time which has the happy side effect of making you extra appreciative of the workmanship of those other industrious dear souls.
It's probably a little demeaning really, to be able to buy some of this handworked linen so cheaply, but at least once it comes home to my house it is loved & admired a very great deal.
This beautiful pristine afternoon tea cloth with sooo much filet crochet was only $5 a little while back & the hand towel below is such a lovely texture & the crochet is amazingly fine...$1 from Connections today.
 I also found a big bag of carded wool..wonderful to pop into lavender blanket hearts & the such-like. There is way too much for me so please, if you would like some do let me know.
I needed to change the bed in the "Parlour" & decided on these sweet embroidered pillowcases & a striped sheet..the other one is softest pastel pink & wonderful old cotton.
We love cotton sheets so that's all that lives in our linen cupboard.
As a child I always loved the clean, crisp, white, ironed cotton sheets of my Nan's linen cupboard.
She probably starched them too..they were very crisp indeed & so wonderful to sleep between.
So, the other day when I was taking our sheets off our bed I was sad that I managed to tear one of those lovely old white sheets. When I told Rob, he said,
 "Oh that's a shame, why don't you find a doily to fix it!"
Which reminded me of the Hey Girl pictures that I have seen coming through Pinterest from time to time. Like this one. (Ryan Gosling played the young Noah in The Notebook...did you ever see that movie? It's lovely. I even read the book too! It's by Nicholas Sparks)
New & bright & shiny doesn't appeal to me very much.
So many things become better with age..that's good!
Like these girls in my garden...
 I am so pleased that I have managed to propagate this gorgeous double impatien. I have just taken another cutting now & it already has roots showing just sitting in water.
 I thought I'd have a go too at growing some micro-greens.
I bought a huge packet of bulls blood beetroot seed & have only used about a 10th of the packet to grow this tray full..which makes the cost per tray around 75 cents.
When I was out in Havelock North this week I went to the apiary & bought this divine liquid gold. This is Rewa Rewa my favourite flavour. I am trying to use more honey & less sugar. It's a lovely idea. 
 I found a lovely blue brie at half price just in time for Valentines day. In fact, I bought several, as cheese freezes amazingly well. (I overheard a cheesemaker at the checkout one day.) And it's true it's a marvelous trick. Defrosts very quickly too.
 I needed to use up some quark so I made these wee raspberry desserts. They were delicious...just raspberries, quark, honey & eggs...baked in a bain marie & then chilled.
I have been dying to tell you about Nettie..
 I feel sure that you'll love her.

You can find her here.

 Just the sweetest story.

 And darling pictures.

There's more to the story..I love reading it to children. That, of course, is  always helpful when you find yourself reading it for the 56th time.

Thank you so much for checking in on means the world to me.
I hope you have a lovely week.
Hugs &


  1. What a wonderful post! I love the story of Nettie's wings. I too like starched white sheets and have memories of crisp linen at granny's house - your vintage sheets are treasure and well worth repairing. Bettyx

  2. Catherine, your words make me smile. Thank you.

  3. Starched stiff white sheets would be in my top 10 of nice things for sure, slightly ahead of bunting. I like you freestyle bunting very much.I just this week read then watched the notebook. As always the book was superior, loved it. Have a great week Catherine x

  4. To the other bonkers kindred spitit, all the way over there! I just asked Jool's if we could pop over for a cuppa..... One day my lovely, its on the important things to do list, I promise. I know I don't always comment but I'm always here reading, and oh how I love your words. The picture of Rob made me laugh out loud!
    You have a lovely weekend, I didn't know you could freeze brie, very handy to know xx
    love Sophie xx

  5. P.S...forgot to say I love the birthday bunting, very beautiful, I can imagine it strung across your garden on a lazy summers evening, look forward to seeing it finished xx

  6. I agree with Fading Grace! The bunting is lovely and the picture of Rob is so funny (and sweet!)
    I have been wanting to go to the antique mall and maybe I'll go today and sift through the linens.
    Honey IS so pretty and useful. White sugar, not so much.
    Well, of course I want that book now! Off to find it! I love fairy stories.
    I love all YOUR stories, Katie!


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